Monday, November 13, 2017

Notes for The Narmada Chronicles, Volume II       

The current campaign for Wayhaven Sector began on 2 JUL 2017 and uses a set of house rules that is very similar to the game rules presented in The Traveller Book, but streamlines some of the more clunky mechanics present in that rules set.  The major differences between Classic Traveller and Wayhaven Traveller are outlined below.

Standard Difficulties
Standard skill and attribute task throws are resolved on 2D with set difficulty levels, as outlined on the table below.

Characteristic Modifiers
While skill tasks get their modifiers from the skill level, characteristic tasks get theirs based on the value, as outlined on the table below.
9 – 10
2 – 3
11 – 12
4 – 5
13 – 15
6 – 8

"Other" Career Replaced
The infamous "Other" career has been replaced with Colonist which is based on the career of the same name presented in 1st Edition Mongoose Traveller.  The other five Classic Traveller Careers - Army, Marines, Merchants, Navy and Scouts - remain as is.

Re-roll Tokens
During character creation, each character gets a pool of five re-roll tokens.  A re-roll token is expended from the pool whenever any roll produces an undesired result.  Once all tokens in a character's pool are expended, no more re-rolls are allowed.  At the end of character creation, if there are any re-roll tokens remaining, each may be traded in to gain a 0-level skill.  Because of this, there are no default skills.

Combat Modified
Wayhaven Traveller uses individual initiative rather than collective.  Combat initiative is based on the sum of a character's DEX value plus any skill levels in Tactics.  Ties between combatants are resolved by determining which combatant has the most levels of tactics, then by which side has the most levels of tactics, and then by 1D throw to break the tie.

Rather than use charts and tables of modifiers based on range and target armor, armor has fixed modifiers for melee weapons, projectile weapons and energy weapons (lasers).  Range is factored into a range matrix based on the Classic Traveller modifiers, producing base throw or greater to hit with 0-level skill.

Skill Progression
Characters gain experience in this game by marking skills they use or attempt to use during play.  (If a character attempts to use a skill with the benefit of his Jack of All Trades skill, he marks both.)  After a predetermined number of gaming sessions (the current standard is two sessions) the player selects one (and only one) of the skills he has marked.
- If the character doesn't have that skill, he gains it at 0-level.
- If the character has that skill at 0-level, it increases to level-1.
- If the character has that skill at level-1 or more, he throws 1D.  If the throw is greater than the selected skill's current level, it increases by one level.  If the throw is equal to or less than the skill's current level, it remains the same.

After resolving skill progression, all marks are removed and the process starts over again during the next gaming session.  Of note, I am considering slowing skill progression to once every three gaming sessions in the future.

NPC's have skill progression once per game year.  It is not necessary to mark their skill usage.

Major Character

Baronet Atopia Kesslering:  Atopia is a retired Navy Captain who was acclaimed as a Baronet by Duke Darius Ingersoll at the end of the Narmada Subsector Moot in 1105.  She was acclaimed for her heroic actions to save hundreds of lives in what has become known as the HMS Polaris Incident in 1098.  Atopia was born on Nan (2015 Narmada/Wayhaven) and left before that world's governments plunged themselves and its citizens into a horrific world war.  Atopia is a diminutive woman, standing just 153 cm tall.

Retired Navy Captain Baronet Atopia Kesslering  (c. 142-1105) 788ABC  
5 Terms, Rank 5, Age 38
Skills: Engineering-2, Forward Observer-1, Gunnery-1, Mechanical-1,
Shotgun-1, Cutlass-0, Gambling-0, Jack of All Trades-0, Streetwise-0
Benefits: Cutlass; Cr 25,000; Pension of Cr 4,000/year

Major NPC's

(Both of these characters were run briefly by players before they left the campaign for scheduling reasons.)

Valo Arenson:  A scout who joined Atopia on a mission to Dnieper on 240-1105 and stayed on as the pilot and navigator of her first starship, the Far Trader Silver Dawn.

Baron Harper Willow: A merchant and noble who was shanghaied into helping Atopia on the mission to Dnieper and then stayed on as ship's medic and steward aboard the Silver Dawn.

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