Monday, November 13, 2017

Notes on The Narmada Chronicles, Volume I       

The first run in Narmada subsector started on 20 APR 2016.  It was designed to be a limited run, since the gaming group does a game master rotation every 12 sessions or so.  I am prone to kitbashing systems to run games, and this one featured Fantasy Age game mechanics with 1st Edition Mongoose Traveller.  While it ran fairly well, I'm pretty sure I screwed up the mustering out tables which gave all the characters a lot of swag and character improvements coming into the game.

Major characters in Volume I

Bella Torres: A merchant character who managed to muster out with the Belladonna Paradox - a Type A2 Free Trader.  Sadly, her character's backstory was not fully developed, as the player could not regularly attend gaming sessions.

Paul Fletcher:  A scout character who joined the group when Marquis Toyama obtained his personal star yacht, Chromium Koi.

Wardy Foste:  A navy character who had been kicked out of the service as a scapegoat for a superior officer's blunder.  The character creation system employed a number of re-roll tokens that the player didn't take advantage of, so his character wound up with a bunch of zero-level skills instead of a career.

Tornado Hansen: A belter character whose backstory included several brushes with the law on various worlds around the sector.  A gambler and low-life, he was on the run from a crime syndicate.

Sir Yael Smethwyk:  A law enforcer who was head of security at Marquis Toyama's arcology.  His investigative skills came in handy many times.

Marquis Toyama Weston:  A noble and doctor who is closely associated with a humanitarian organization called Doctors without Orbits.  He has lived a life that has been anything but sedate and has an arcology on Narmada as his fief.

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