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Wayhaven Sector Map                                             

The Wayhaven Sector lies on the trailing edge of the Third Imperium, about where The Old Expanses Sector would be in the cannon setting.  As such it is dominated by Solomani humans who emigrated outward during the Second Imperium and remained during The Long Night.  As of 1105, it is not so much a frontier like the Spinward Marches, but more of a nearly forgotten backwater area that is scarcely affected by ebbs and tides of the rest of the empire.

This sector is part of the Domain of Sol, ruled by Archduke Adair.  While the Solomani Rim War is now over a hundred years past, this part of the universe still reverberates with the echoes of that past.  Surprisingly, the Solomani Confederation still has active terrorist and political agencies operating here, attempting to rekindle the dying embers of the cause.  The Ine Givar is still active here as well, attempting beyond all hope to break the grip of Imperial authority here.

Wayhaven Sector is ruled by Sector Duke Wymark Gascoyne, who is entering his fourth decade in the role at the sector capital on Belaya (1012 Belaya/Wayhaven).  By all accounts, His Grace is a kind and gracious man who maintains a "hands off" approach to managing the affairs of the sector, relying heavily upon the abilities of his subsector dukes and duchesses to handle local affairs.

While there are sixteen subsectors in Wayhaven, the action of the campaigns to date have focused upon just one of them, Narmada, which is Subsector G.

Subsector G of the Wayhaven Sector

Quirindi (1712) C779753-7 [S] Notes: (none) Zone: Green  PBG: 211
Noosa (1714) E570578-6 [_] Notes: De Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 304
Dnieper (1717) C87765A-6 [_] Notes: Ag Zone: Green  PBG: 101

Yantra (1718) B202766-C [S] Notes: Ic Na Va Zone: Green  PBG 322
553-088 (1719) X333443-4 [_] Notes: Ni Po Zone: Red  PBG: 103
OYA (1811) E8889BA-4 [_] Notes: Hi Zone: Green  PBG: 404

Dilgry (1812) B788431-9 [_] Notes: Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 214
Goorudee (1813) E200343-4 [_] Notes: Lo Ni Va Zone: Green  PBG: 425
Rauma (1814) C361584-9 [_] Notes: Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 734

Kolan (1815) C754753-5 [S] Notes: Ag Zone: Green  PBG: 500
Tarn (1816) B6766A9-6 [N] Notes: Ag Zone: Green  PBG: 304
Ussan (1818) C554520-5 [_] Notes: Ag Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 514

Alagon (1819) D300300-8 [_] Notes: Lo Ni Va Zone: Green  PBG: 104
Lankin (1911) E9E4456-4 [_] Notes: Fl Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 103
Abava (1912) C573262-4 [_] Notes: Lo Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 725

Kasai (1913) E554873-3 [_] Notes: (none) Zone: Green  PBG: 423
Trave (1914) B141779-7 [B] Notes: Po Zone: Green  PBG: 212
Oban (1915) B465568-7 [N] Notes: Ag Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 121

Benue (1916) A584578-B [_] Notes: Ag Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 422
Teleajen (1917) C223420-8 [_] Notes: Ni Po Zone: Green  PBG: 720
NARMADA (1918) B260997-D [B] Notes: Cp De Hi Zone: Green  PBG: 203

Landor (2011) A6568A7-C [N] Notes: (none) Zone: Green  PBG: 704
Tara (2012) E475857-8 [_] Notes: (none) Zone: Green  PBG: 822
Skagit (2013) A84A48B-A [_] Notes: Ni Wa Zone: Green  PBG: 104

NAN (2015) C47497B-8 [_] Notes: Hi In Zone: Green  PBG: 203
Olt (2016) B67A341-A [N] Notes: Lo Ni Wa Zone: Green  PBG: 133
Barlow (2017) C120404-D [_] Notes: De Ni Po Zone: Green  PBG: 600

Wekiva (2113) C611476-7 [_] Notes: Ic Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 200
Sok (2114) C9B2854-8 [_] Notes: Fl Zone: Green  PBG: 433
Kiewa (2117) C343876-9 [_] Notes: Po Zone: Amber  PBG: 525

Paquin (2118) B9C57CA-7 [N] Notes: Fl Zone: Green  PBG: 221
Kazanka (2211) A633577-9 [_] Notes: Ni Po Zone: Amber  PBG: 225
Nive (2212) B241653-A [N] Notes: Po Zone: Green  PBG: 202

085-773 (2214) X3356AC-0 [_] Notes: (none) Zone: Red  PBG: 424
Moksha (2216) C444402-9 [S] Notes: Ni Zone: Amber  PBG: 504
Belgran (2217) D477653-3 [S] Notes: Ag Zone: Green  PBG: 102

Karakash (2218) E250847-3 [_] Notes: De Po Zone: Green  PBG: 113
Upa (2219) C000100-A [_] Notes: As Lo Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 220
Mologa (2220) E97879C-1 [_] Notes: Ag Zone: Green  PBG: 125

Xiang (2314) B300105-B [_] Notes: Lo Ni Va Zone: Green  PBG: 223
Bandalor (2317) C647416-8 [_] Notes: Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 302
Kerepets (2412) C594548-7 [_] Notes: Ag Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 302

Damas (2413) C326534-6 [S] Notes: Ni Zone: Green  PBG: 300
Dubna (2415) B6576B9-A [S] Notes: Ag Zone: Green  PBG: 110
Vazuza (2416) C100630-9 [_] Notes: Na Va Zone: Green  PBG: 823

Narmada is ruled by Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll, who claimed the title in 1103 after the passing of his grandfather, Duke Wyndham Ingersoll.  (Darius' father is presumed dead after the family star yacht was lost in hyperspace twenty years ago.)  Duke Darius is a retired Imperial Navy Captain who served with distinction during rescue and relief efforts on Kiewa (2117 Narmada/Wayhaven) during the Ebonscale Plague of 1077.  His Grace was 63 at the start of the campaign and still in excellent health, perhaps due to an active lifestyle and superior genetics.  (Anagathics are not commonly known and hideously expensive in this particular game universe.)

Baroness Selene Fairfax is wife to Duke Darius and he is quick to give her much of the credit for his own success.  Her Grace is quite charming with a brilliant wit and a musical laugh.  Any noble who is invited to take tea with her is considered to be in the favor of the Duke as well.  Behind the scenes, she smooths ruffled feathers, lobbies supporters of other nobles and advises up-and-coming nobles to help maintain order and civility among the ranks of the Peerage for her husband.

Nobility has turned out to be very important in both campaigns in this setting, as you will discover in the next blog entry...

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