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100-1107, Narmada, Red Sun City, TAS News Service Office

TAS News Feature Story – Subsector Moot Preview
100-1107 Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven): With the opening ceremonies of the 1107 Narmada Subsector Moot just 25 days away, nobles from around the subsector are already arriving in Red Sun City in anticipation of the event.  No doubt that some of the movers, shakers and title-climbers among them are already mapping out their strategies for getting their agendas addressed during the scheduled 17-day meeting of the Peerage.  What follows is a brief primer on what to expect from this year’s meeting of the nobility.

Some observers of the Peerage are calling the years since the 1105 Moot “The Biennium of Violence” as three members of the Peerage came to violent ends.  On 215-1105, Baron Alton Richards was gunned down by mercenary assassins in arcology Delta Scarlet One Three here on Narmada.  On 189-1105, François Verne, formerly a Baron on Yantra (1718 Narmada/Wayhaven), was killed in a gunfight in Dokkoa City on Nan (2015 Narmada/Wayhaven).  Then on 287-1106, Sir Richard Worthington, the Imperial Liaison on Rauma (1814 Narmada/Wayhaven), was found murdered in his office in the starport extrality.

And, as more than one noble has pointed out, a common factor between them all was Baronet Atopia Kesslering, freshly acclaimed at the end of the 1105 Moot.  This retired Imperial Navy Captain from Nan has fully immersed herself in the role of being a Defender of the Imperium.  First, she actively pursued and took part in the killing of Verne, a wanted fugitive.  Then, she apprehended Rand Tyler, the man convicted of orchestrating the late Baron Alton’s murder.  Finally, she took extraordinary action to apprehend and bring to justice Brice Caldwell, the murderer of Sir Richard.

Her Ladyship’s actions have formed at least part of the Preliminary Agenda of the 1107 Moot, including the first agenda item – granting Dame (soon to be Baroness) Olivia Servantes the world of Moksha as her personal fief.  It is known that late in 1106, the crew of Baronet Atopia’s Independent Merchant starship Golden Dawn made a daring rescue of Dame Olivia from forces opposed to her consolidation of power on that world.  In the days since, Dame Olivia has formed a provisional government with her power there backed by a full battalion of Imperial Army troopers and a company of Imperial Marines as well.  His Grace, Duke Darius, has indicated he expects the troops to be withdrawn before the end of 1107.

The second agenda item – continuing the Empire’s humanitarian effort on Kiewa – was initially championed by Marquis Dr. Toyama Weston, a mentor and sponsor of Baronet Atopia briefly after she was acclaimed.  The latest audit of the Imperial Humanitarian Mission indicates that the monetary expenditures have done what was intended, as well as driving the feuding nations of that world to the negotiating table to start solving their problems instead of fighting with each other over them.  An informal poll of the nobility indicates that there is still considerable support for continuing the effort until 1109.

The usual reports and reviews of the various military and civilian organizations are not expected to bring any surprises, however there has been much speculation about the identity of the special guest speaker scheduled for 131-1107.  Given all the turmoil that has occurred within the confines of the subsector, the most interesting speculation has been that His Grace, Sector Duke Wymark Gascoyne may be making the trip from Belaya (1012 Belaya/Wayhaven) to rally the Peerage around Duke Darius, who has held the post for less than five years.

The eleventh item on the Moot’s Preliminary Agenda is a matter that has indirectly affected the health of tens of thousands of citizens within the Imperial Autonomy District and has seemingly grown to become a larger and larger problem as time has gone by.  The late and former Baron François Verne apparently had dealings with a cell of Ine Givar terrorists to create the weaponized AZOOR virus strain that was spread here in 1105.  Now that he is dead, the disposition of his fief on Yantra will be taken up by the Moot.  At issue: how much the ousted baron’s son Gerard knew about his subversive activities and whether the boy was complicit in them.  The TAS News Service could not get any noble to address this issue either formally or informally.

Of note, there are seven Imperial Liaison positions open for appointments this time around.  One that is sure to be hotly contested is the availability on Olt.  Its wonderful climate and relatively low population makes it a plum of a posting that any low ranking member of the moot would love to have.  The other six postings – Dnieper, Kasai, Kiewa, Moksha, Mologa and Nan – certainly offer any would-be office seeker some administrative challenges.  Dame Olivia has mentioned in passing that she would like Baronet Atopia to take the post on Moksha, given that she already has a solid reputation with the locals.  Of course, if the Moot were to bow to tradition, they might consider wooing Her Ladyship to the posting on Nan, given that is her home world.

Among the expected submissions from the body of the Moot this year are Baroness Danielle’s umpteenth proposal for the Moot to formally endorse terraforming efforts on Barlow (2017 Narmada/Wayhaven) to the Imperial Bureau of Planetary Development.  This has led Baron Eldon von Haas to humorously propose establishing a limit to the number of times a previously failed resolution can be brought before the Moot once again to “approximately three hundred.”

Another, possibly more controversial, resolution is expected to be brought forth by the soon-to-become Baroness of Moksha.  Her Ladyship is asking for His Grace Duke Darius to pardon a list of forty-two Imperial fugitives who were hiding out on Moksha before she was authorized by His Grace to take over.  Apparently, the fugitives were pivotal in aiding her efforts and their pardons were part of the price for their cooperation.  So far, the members of the Peerage from whom TAS News has sought comment on this issue have been neutral but lukewarm to the idea of supporting it.

One resolution that may be doomed on arrival is the formal request from the Government of Teleajen (1917 Narmada/Wayhaven), through their Imperial Liaison Dame Lydia Harcourt, for Imperial authorities to investigate a trio of beheading murders carried out there in 1106.  The Moot and His Grace have expressed their displeasure over that world’s financial and plutocratic government policies that make it a haven for tax-evaders, money launderers and other less savory types.  It is the contention of Teleajen that an off-world team of assassins are responsible for the murders, though the government statement came just short of saying that it had been endorsed by His Grace or any other member of the Peerage.

There are only two acclamations on this year’s Moot schedule.  Dame Oliva Servantes is expected to be elevated to Baroness on 126-1107 in anticipation of being given Moksha as her fief.  And on 133-1107, Gentleman Ian Richards, the eldest son of the late Baron Alton Richards, is also expected to be elevated to Baron to formally take over the family holdings on Narmada.  There was some talk that perhaps Baronet Atopia Kesslering might receive a fief on Narmada as well as an elevation to full Baroness, but there has been no confirmation of that from His Grace, Duke Darius.

As with any Subsector Moot, there are expected to be parties and social gatherings leading up to, through and beyond the actual session, as nobles of the subsector mix and mingle.  As of last count, there are expected to be 181 nobility present for this year’s Moot.  New this year will be a reception at the Whiskey Amber Oh Seven arcology on 137-1107, as Marquis Dr. Toyama Weston gets his social feet wet, possibly at the urging of his recently wedded wife, Baronet Kogura Yanni.

So, it should be a very interesting session, indeed, as nearly all of them are.  TAS News Service’s dedicated reporters will once again bring you all the relevant events in as timely a manner as possible.  – TAS News Service

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