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Campaign Gazetteer for the Narmada Chronicles   

It's been thirty-five adventure sessions across two groups of players spanning just over two years in the Narmada Subsector's game universe.  "The Biennium of Violence" has marked a tumultuous period in what is a backwater subsector near the trailing edge of the Third Imperium.  Between those groups, the player characters have battled terrorists and criminals, unraveled mysteries, helped solve the problems of individuals and entire worlds, and even had time to make some friends and take a vacation or two along the way.

What follows is an attempt to separate out the individual items of information - the events, people, places and things of The Narmada Chronicles into some semblance of order.  It is intended as a reference work for those who have been following these chronicles, which are not over by any means.  Instead, consider it the end of the beginning.  Atopia intends to complete her personal goal of visiting every main world of the subsector that isn't a Red Zone - forty-three worlds in all - before moving further spinward into the Belaya Subsector.

That way lies the Sector Moot in year 1108, and then, Great Maker willing, on toward Capital at the core of the empire.  The next chapters of her tale promise more adventures and even greater challenges that must be overcome, both for the empire and for more personal reasons...



085-773 (2214 X3356AC-0) *Red Zone*
The alien lifeforms found here have a silicate-based biology and view carbon-based lifeforms as food.  After five failed attempts at making contact (resulting in dozens of fatalities), the Imperium has declared this world off-limits.
553-088 (1719 X333443-4) *Red Zone*
The inhabitants of this world are the surviving offspring of a penal colony that was abandoned nearly six hundred years ago.  The residents are a collective that is dedicated to its own survival – meaning they will appropriate anyone and all their possessions by force to aid in that goal…


Abava (1912 C573262-4)
Baron Gervas hault Abava oversees a single diminutive settlement of planetary engineers and their families as the Imperial Science Bureau attempts to make the planet’s atmosphere more suitable for additional colonization.
Baron Gervas hault Abava
(b. 1047, Abava [1912 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 137-1069; wedded Dame Reyna Ozols [b. 1055] on 037-1078; three children)
Baron Gervas, the owner and ruler of Abava (1912 Narmada/Wayhaven), bucked Imperial tradition and served twenty years in the IISS as a planetary surveyor.  He has put his career experience to good use as he leads a team of planetary engineers attempting to remove contaminants from the planet Abava’s atmosphere.
Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy (AZOOR)
A new, weaponized strain of this degenerative eye disease was reported on Narmada (1918 Wayhaven) in 1105 where the onset of vision symptoms advanced over a period of weeks instead of years. Quick action by Dr. Marquis Westin Toyama stopped the outbreak,
Alagon (1819 D300300-8)
The thousand or so residents of this abandoned mining facility are descendants of the workers who refused to leave when the megacorporation operating it pulled out over two centuries ago.  The people are still extracting salable ores and minerals, trading them for the essentials needed to maintain the facilities.
Reynard Adolfo
(b. 1058, Javiroon [0606 Danube/Wayhaven])
Reynard is a drifter who says he served in Javiroon’s planetary army before leaving his home world behind to wander the stars.  The truth is he was part of the armed resistance that fought against the forces of that world’s dictator and was forced to flee to avoid being executed for it.  He helped Baronet Atopia deliver a cargo of scrap metal to the renowned sculptor Alonzo Cortez on Belgran (2217 Narmada/Wayhaven) in exchange for a low berth ticket to their next destination late in 1105.  Of note, he has a Class II certification with Wheeled Vehicles.
The Ancients
This starfaring race seemingly died out some thirty-thousand years before the founding of the First Imperium by the Vilani.  Much about this race is speculation based on artifacts that have been discovered.  One of the legacies of the Ancients is the distribution of the various branches of humaniti from Terra – Vilani, Zhodani and numerous other minor races – throughout known space around three hundred thousand years ago, as well as the Vargr, who are uplifted and modified Terran canines.
Annie’s Caterwaul Corner
This is an establishment on Alagon (1819 Narmada/Wayhaven) that is a combination of restaurant, bar and local haunt just off Airlock Row in the main starport terminal.  The crew of the Silver Dawn spent a pleasant, if raucous, evening here in 1106.
Valo Arenson
(b. 1071, Moksha [2216 Narmada/Wayhaven])
This former IISS member was initially hired by Baronet Atopia Kesselring as a pilot and navigator for a mission to Dnieper (1717 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105.  When her ladyship purchased a Type-A2 Far Trader later that year, she hired him on in the same role.  He has remained on as her pilot and navigator when she traded up to a new Type-L Independent Merchant in 1106.  He has proven quite valiant and trustworthy over the years in assisting Baronet Atopia with a number of missions and problems.
Dre Argus
He was a soldier of fortune hired away from the Gray Twilight mercenary company on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) by Rand Tyler in 1105.  He later participated in the assassination of Baron Alton Richards on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) that year.  While he initially avoided capture after the assassination, he later attempted an assassination of Baronet Atopia Kesslering on Narmada to prevent her from giving testimony against Baron Alton’s assassin, but was captured after the attempt.  He opted to be euthanized rather than spend twenty years in the  Golgotha (1540 Zeya/Wayhaven) Penal Colony.


Back Berth
Among spacers, especially Imperial Navy service members, this is an insult of the highest order, and will often be met with anger and possibly violence.  Derived from ancient wet navy terminology, it means “of least importance” or “worthless” when used to refer to a person or spacecraft – which was typically assigned to the back of a convoy, furthest away from the flagship – the back berth.
Bandalor (2317 C647416-8)
The Bandalor Filter Mask Corporation (BFMC) became the government of this world three hundred years ago by maintaining a hammerlock on the one commodity no resident or visitor to this world could live without.  Other aspects of the planetary government are run by subsidiary companies in which BFMC holds the plurality or majority share.
Bandalor Starport Storage Unit Auction
This event occurs approximately four times a year at the Bandalein City Starport on Bandalor (2317 Narmada/Wayhaven).  Apparently, Bandalor’s starport storage facility is a popular place for merchants to place unwanted speculative cargo for a while to make space for more profitable cargo or freight.  When a storage unit goes unpaid for more than a standard year, the contents are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Baron Harper Willow and Baronet Atopia Kesslering participated in the final auction of 1105, picking up some interesting and profitable cargoes for a fraction of their original price.
Barlow (2017 C120404-D)
This small radio-isotope mining colony is the personal fief of Baroness Danielle Barlow, who has been using some of the profits from the family business to fund private terraforming efforts. Many would-be miners find that work here is scarce, fueling a burgeoning homeless transient problem on a world with little living space.
Sir Charles Barlow
(b. 1081, Barlow [2017 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 142-1103)
The youngest child of Baroness Danielle Barlow is the Imperial Liaison for Barlow (2017 Narmada/Wayhaven), knighted in 1103 by Duke Darius Ingersoll. He is an outspoken advocate for the homeless, refugees and other displaced persons throughout the subsector, and is frequently engaged in efforts to assist them.
Baroness Danielle Barlow
(b. 1053, Barlow [2017 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 133-1075; wedded to Sir Noland Pembroke [1048 – 1078] on 204-1075; four children)
The ruler of Barlow (2017 Narmada/Wayhaven) looks somewhat younger than her physical age, but is the mother of four children, three of which were conceived artificially after the death of her husband, Sir Noland Pembroke.  She is cordial to most, but has cunning, and some would say ruthless, business sense as well.  She can admit mistakes, however, as she did at the end of the 1107 Narmada Subsector Moot concerning her world’s transient problem, which led to an outbreak of IRIS in the wake of viral meningitis that started among the transients on Barlow (2017 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1107.
Baroness Decima Bauffremont
(b. 1071, Yantra [1718 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 126-1091; wedded Viscount (Baronet) Trager Duvalier on 003-1090; six children)
While she generally supports her husband, Viscount Trager Duvalier, she was instrumental in Baronet Atopia Kesslering’s successful defense of House Verne on Yantra (1718 Narmada/Wayhaven) during the 1107 Narmada Subsector Moot.  Baroness Decima also smuggled Gerard Verne onto Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) against her husband’s wishes and without his knowledge, so Gerard could testify in his own defense.
Belgran (2217 D477653-A)
The Chartered Belgran Corporation acts as both employer and government for this world, hiring a number of other contractors to provide the various government services needed by its 1.2 million residents.  While subcontracting those services to other parties is supposed to be illegal, the CBC has better things to do than pare its limited law-enforcement resources that fine…
Olga Belovol
She is a mercenary on Moksha who married Colonel Orem Kerimov of the Gray Twilight mercenary company in 1106.  She had formerly been a comrade and lover of another mercenary named Danforth before meeting Kerimov.  She managed to keep Kerimov from killing Danforth at one point, even though it cost Danforth his right earlobe.  She is apparently skilled with communications and sensor operations, but beyond that, not much is known of her.
Benue (1916 A584578-B)
This high-tech agricultural world is a hotbed of tension between the larger corporate operations and the independent and family farms that have been increasingly displaced by them.  Several incidents over the past decade have made activists more vocal and have brought mercenaries to both side for defense…
Benuen Spider-Bear
This large, pack-hunting carnivore inhabits the pack ice of the northern polar region of Benue (1916 Narmada/Wayhaven).  While the crew of the Golden Dawn was protecting a team of contractors harvesting ice, a group of four of these eight-limbed 400-kilogram creatures attacked, nearly killing Tabitha Nole with the venom from one of the creature’s claws.
Beowulf-class Type-A Free Trader
The most common commercial vessel class in known space, this is a Jump-1, 1G acceleration vessel with ten staterooms, 20 low berths and 84 tons of cargo space.  It is frequently used to haul incidental trade between worlds off the main trade routes and for engaging in speculative trade.
Sir Winston Blakely, M.D.
(b. 1071, Landor [2011 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 136-1105)
Sir Winston is a hereditary knight from Landor (2011 Narmada/Wayhaven) who served as a doctor in the Imperial Navy before spending a year and a half on Kiewa (2117 Narmada/Wayhaven) as part of the humanitarian effort to aid survivors of the Ebonscale Scale Plague of 1077.  He attended the 1107 Narmada Subsector Moot, where he met Baronet Atopia Kesslering during Marquis Toyama Weston’s mixer.  The two became romantically involved and he agreed to become the ship’s doctor aboard the Golden Dawn – replacing the departing Cassandra Mutabe – so he could remain with Baronet Atopia.
Baronet Deidre Brogan
(b. 1069, Quirindi [1712 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 141-1095)
Before she became Imperial Liaison for Dnieper, her ladyship was maimed during her service in the Imperial Marines during a raid on a pirate base.  Her allergies to regenerative drugs forced her to graft bionic prosthetics to her body – most of her left leg and her left forearm and hand.  After her recovery and adaptation, she was acclaimed and has spent the past decade in the Imperial bureaucracy.  Baronet Deidre is quite the amateur archaeologist, being credited with finding a number of Ancients’ artifacts on Dnieper, as well as a small tribe of Chirpers.  A Chirper she calls Fred is one of that tribe that has elected to stay with her.
This is slang on Nan (2015 Narmada/Wayhaven) for members of law enforcement, who wear brown uniforms.  Since laws are very restrictive across Nan, most of the populace have an unfavorable opinion of law enforcers.


Brice Caldwell
(b. 1057, Rauma [1814 Narmada/Wayhaven])
Convicted for murdering Sir Richard Worthington, the Imperial Liaison for Rauma (1814 Narmada/Wayhaven) on 287-1106, Caldwell was sentenced to ten years indentured servitude to Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll and then exile from Narmada Subsector.  This was done to suppress attempts on his part to reveal his role in an investment scheme on Rauma that netted the Yellow Sail Syndicate nearly a billion credits, much of which came from nobles on Narmada.  Caldwell was a financial officer with the Narmada office of Hortalez et Cie, who used his position to offer the nobles affected by the scheme unusually low interest loans, hoping to get the nobles to sponsor a bit to give Caldwell a noble title of his own.  When that failed, he demanded and received hush money from the nobles, using it to set up his own criminal syndicate on Rauma after his superiors at Hortalez discovered what he’d done and fired him.
Imperial Navy Lieutenant Lake Callus
(b. 1080, Oban [1915 Narmada/Wayhaven])
He was the Master-at-Arms at the Naval Base on Paquin (2118 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105, when he conducted the formal investigation into the murder of Zantra Dailiarc, who was killed during a transit from Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) while inside her low berth.  With the assistance of Baronet Atopia Kesslering, Tabitha Nole and Sir Jasper Fulcra, Lt. Callus was able to charge Yolanda Hebro and Hondo Wright with the crime.
Chameleon Suit
This refers to a paramilitary bodysuit consisting of mimetic polycarbon plastic over neoprene, with micro-cameras in the suit providing images that enhance the wearer’s camouflage regardless of the environment.  The assassins who targeted Baron Alton Richards and Baronet Atopia Kesslering on Narmada in 1105 wore chameleon suits to hide their identities and intent until they were both ready to strike.
This is a term that refers to a member of the Droyne race that has lost the ability to caste its members.  Chirpers live in relatively primitive conditions but retain fairly high intelligence.  There is a chirper tribe living on Dnieper (1717 Narmada/Wayhaven) that was discovered by Baronet Deidre Brogan in 1105.
Clear Skies to You
This is a common expression among spacers as a way to wish interstellar travelers good luck or good fortune.
Conch Data Expediters
Baronet Atopia Kesslering briefly created this shell company on Sok (2114 Narmada/Wayhaven) as a front for the investigation into Spencer Kalakaua in 1106 conducted by Tabitha, Samantha and Lisa.
Alonzo Cortez
(b. 1077, Belgran [2217 Narmada/Wayhaven])
Perhaps one of the most talented abstract sculptors of the age, Alonzo’s creations are designed to move, changing shape as they do.  He often incorporates wind chimes, sounding pipes and other sound-making elements to complement the movement of the sculpture.  Alonzo turned down an honorary knighthood from Sector Duke Wymark Gascoyne in 1097 by saying the honor would cheapen his work.  Baronet Atopia met the artist at his home on Belgran (2217 Narmada/Wayhaven) when she and Reynard Adolfo delivered ten tons of scrap metal there in 1105.  The artist gifted her ladyship with small kinetic sculpture that invokes visions of butterflies, which Atopia keeps in her cabin.
Credit Voucher
This is the equivalent to a modern day cash card or debit card, but has special safeguards built in to prevent fraud and counterfeiting.  The card is the size of modern day credit card (85.60 × 53.98 mm), though is slightly thicker and more durable.  There are two types of vouchers – Imperial (standard) and corporate – depending on who is imprinting the funds onto the card.  Amounts of up to Cr100,000 may be imprinted into a standard Imperial credit voucher at any Class A or B starport with a population digit of four or greater.  A standard voucher is black in color and is imprinted with the Imperial Sunburst in white.  Corporate credit vouchers function in the same fashion, but are gold in color and are embossed with the issuing corporation’s logo in black.  Corporate credit vouchers may have up to MCr10 imprinted upon them.  Sir Jasper Fulcra keeps the corporate voucher he received from Ling Standard Products as a souvenir, long after its funds were spent.
Cycle (time)
This is a span of 28 standard days on the Imperial Calendar.  The standard Imperial year consists of 365 standard days of 24 hours each.  The Imperial Calendar divides the year into 13 cycles denoted by the Greek Alphabet from Terra, Alpha thru Nu, with the first day of each year – Emperor’s Day (aka Holiday) – not belonging to any cycle.  Each cycle is further divided into four weeks of seven days each – Uniday, Biday, Triday, Tetraday, Pentday, Hexday and Heptday.


Zantra Dailiarc
(1053 – 1105; birth world, Paquin [2118 Narmada/Wayhaven])
Up until her death in 1105, she was the Head Planetary Comptroller for the Guardians of Public Service – the planetary government of Paquin [2118 Narmada/Wayhaven].  She was killed when Yolanda Hebro and Hondo Wright took advantage of elevated flare activity in the Narmada [1918 Narmada/Wayhaven] to bypass several iris valves aboard the Silver Dawn to install a device to sabotage the biometric monitoring equipment of her berth.  This created a biofeedback loop that induced the grand mal seizure that ended her life while still in hibernation.  She was returning to Paquin to present evidence of the theft of two-hundred fifty million credits from the planetary treasury, and was killed to delay that information from reaching the Guardians on Paquin.
Damas (2413 C326534-6)
The busiest X-boat hub in the subsector is home to a Scout base as well.  The aristocratic elite who run this world ensure that all of its populace is polite and efficient to all visitors.  However, there have been a number of high-profile individuals from off-world who have gone missing here over the past year with no explanation and seemingly no effort by its government to locate them…
He was a mercenary and bodyguard on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven).  Not much was known of his history before arriving on the world, but he was friends with Dame Oliva Servantes, Colonel Orem Kerimov and Olga Belovol, even though Kerimov shot his right earlobe off during a dispute.  Danforth died from wounds he sustained during a raid to rescue Dame Olivia from a slave labor camp late in 1106.
Contessa Chantal Dasani
(b. 1051, Narmada [1918 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 145-1073; wedded Baronet Carlon Thames (1054 – 1096) on 201-1073; three children)
She is the ruler of the Sierra Azure Five One arcology in the Imperial Autonomy District on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven).  She makes no secret of her aspirations to become a Duchess and is a frequent thorn in the side of Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll.  Her association with Brice Caldwell as part of the Deepwater Project scam on Rauma (1814 Narmada/Wayhaven) nearly cost her title, but the actions of Baronet Atopia Kesselring kept the scandal secret.
This is the common name for a thumb or flash drive.  Most datachips are about the size of a man’s thumbnail and hold a lot of data, images, video, etc.
This is the common name for a tablet computer.  Dataslabs tend to be clipboard-sized and slightly thicker than today’s standard.  The good news is that they’re also considerably more rugged, having been originally designed for use by IISS personnel in the field.  Most dataslabs employ a specialized magnetic stylus to enter and select data, so they’re not true touchscreens interfaces.  It is essentially a more powerful version of a pocket computer.
This is the name of the armed launch carried aboard the Golden Dawn independent merchant vessel owned by Baronet Atopia Kesslering.  It is armed with a missile launcher and typically carries ten missiles.  It is usually piloted by assistant engineer Lisa Dudley.  It has been used on several occasions as both as space combat vehicle and to ferry members of the crew during ground missions.
Deepwater Project
This was a real estate scam on Rauma (1814 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1095 perpetuated by the Yellow Sail Syndicate.  The scam netted the syndicate nearly a billion credits and jeopardized the political aspirations of nearly a dozen nobles who invested in it.  Brice Caldwell, a financial officer at the Narmada branch of Hortalez et Cie, offered the nobles extremely low interest loans as a bribe in his unsuccessful bid to be acclaimed by the Moot, but extorted hush money from the nobles anyway after he was fired from the megacorp when an internal audit had discovered what he’d done.  When Caldwell was arrested for the murder of Sir Richard Worthington, the Imperial Liaison on Rauma, Baronet Atopia Kesslering uncovered the scam, but kept it secret to gain support in the Moot to endorse her actions in arresting Caldwell on Rauma.
Defender of the Imperium
This is a formal title bestowed upon an Imperial noble that enables the noble to invoke the powers of an Imperial Edict at his or her discretion in matters concerning the defense of the Third Imperium without being issued a situation-specific authorization by a higher authority to do so.  This title is usually bestowed posthumously to those nobles who have died in the service of the Imperium while defending its nobles, worlds or common citizens from harm, but is more rarely bestowed upon a noble who has exhibited exceptional judgement, effective action and resolute determination in such matters.  A Defender of the Imperium is issued a ceremonial scepter called the Rod of the Defender to identify the individual to planetary governments and to Imperial organizations as having the authority to direct their resources as needed.  Baronet Atopia Kesslering was given this title during the 1107 Narmada Subsector Moot.
Marquis Julius Denali
(b. 1023, Narmada [1918 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 145-1043; wedded Dame Alyson Mandolyne [1026 – 1087] on 288-1044; five children)
The aging monarch of the Denali family has a fatal allergy to life extension drugs and is slowly succumbing to complications from his advanced age.  Because of this, he orchestrated the appointment of his youngest daughter (and only surviving child) to be acclaimed Baronet Leigh Denali so she could take the Imperial Liaison position on Sok in preparation of taking over the Juliette Amber Eight Three arcology upon his imminent passing.  He asked Baronet Atopia Kesslering to look in on his daughter at the end of the Moot trial of Brice Caldwell in 1106.
Baronet Leigh Denali
(b. 1087, Narmada [1918 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 140-1105)
Baronet Leigh is the youngest and only surviving child of Marquis Julius Denali and Dame Alyson Mandolyne.  She was conceived after the last of the couple’s four children died while in service in the Imperial Navy, and Dame Alyson, aged 61 at the time, died during Baronet Leigh’s birth.  Given Marquis Julius’ advanced age and failing health, the 1105 Narmada Subsector Moot acclaimed her and recommended Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll appoint her as the Imperial Liaison to Sok (2114 Narmada/Wayhaven) despite her youth.  She has been resentful of her situation from a young age, viewing herself as the “replacement child” who was responsible for the death of her mother.  Baronet Atopia Kesslering assisted her in exposing a plot by offworld concerns to take over Sok’s atmosphere skimming operations as well as its asteroid mining efforts in 1106.  Baronet Leigh attended the 1107 Narmada Subsector Moot as part of Baronet Atopia’s voting bloc.
This is a spacer slang term for heavy water – the fuel of standard spacecraft fusion reactors.  The hydrogen atoms of the standard water molecule are the isotope deuterium which is electrically separated from the oxygen atom before being injected into the fusion chamber.  While carrying fuel in this form is less efficient, it is easier to manufacture and store than atomic hydrogen.
Dilgry (1812 B788431-9)
Dilgry is home to a race of amphibious humanoids that, with one exception, are all of greatly advanced age and are succumbing to natural causes.  The exception is a lone female called Matriarch, who become mother to the next generation when they spawn from clutches of egg cases in approximately twenty years.  In the meantime, the opportunities for employment here abound, despite the difficulties of working for extended periods underwater…
Dnieper (1717 C87765A-6)
Generations of selective breeding along with a rigid social caste system have made the Dnieperi somewhat specialized for their particular places in their society.  Veterans of the planet’s military caste often are hired off-world for mercenary contracts due to their superior physical characteristics and exceptional military discipline.
Dnieper Ursoid
This is a very large bear-like solitary omnivore hunter that inhabits the wilds of Dnieper (1717 Narmada/Wayhaven).  Baronet Deidre Brogan was mauled by one while hunting it to save a Chirper tribe from starvation.  The creature was later killed by Baron Harper Willow, Baronet Atopia Kesslering and Valo Arenson while they were on a mission to rescue Baronet Deidre in 1105.
Doctors Without Orbits
This interstellar sophontarian organization provides medical support and emergency relief supplies and specialists to those worlds in crisis and to the victims of war.  Marquis Doctor Toyama Weston is an active member of this organization, and was part of the relief effort on Nan (2015 Narmada/Wayhaven) during and after The Great Conflict there.
Donosev-class Survey Scout
This is a 400-ton starship used by the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service to continually resurvey interior regions of the Imperium primarily for interstellar and interplanetary navigation.  The ship is capable of 2 G acceleration and jump-3.  It has a modular cutter (with a fuel skimming module and mobile outpost) and three air/rafts.  The design prevents atmospheric operations, and features a long sensor boom for very precise remote measurements.
This major race exhibits a combination of reptilian and avian characteristics, inhabiting a number of worlds throughout known space.  They are relatively small, standing just over a meter tall, with a beak-like mouth, vestigial wings, reptilian scales and a lizard-like tail.  The highest concentration of Droyne worlds is in the Spinward Marches Sector of the Third Imperium.  Droyne who can caste exhibit collective behavior and have technology equaling and in some area exceeding Imperial capabilities.  Those that cannot caste – Chirpers – remain fairly primitive, usually inhabiting ruins or caves and living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.  Droyne typically exhibit no desire to travel beyond their own world, though they certainly have the capability.  Most Droyne worlds within the Imperium have enclave status.
Dubna (2415 B6576B9-A)
This agricultural world is run by benevolent religious order that has existed since the early days of the Third Imperium. The leader, called The Highest, is believed to be reincarnated in an infant that is conceived among the masses at the time of his or her former self’s death.  Visitors to this world are advised to keep their religious opinions to themselves and accord common courtesy, as most residents here are quite amicable – save on matters of their governmental and religious leader…
Duchy of Sabina
This Imperial client state was established in the Salween Subsector (Subsector L of Wayhaven) for the settlement of Imperial Aslan citizenry.  While claiming autonomy, the ruling Sabre Claw Pride is recognized as being members of the Imperium, with Duchess Rha’gawn Murr a member in good standing in the Wayhaven Moot.  The nineteen worlds of the Duchy lie just one parsec outside the recognized Trailing border of the Imperium.  The capital of the Duchy is Sabina (3023 Wayhaven).
Lisa Dudley
(b. 1073, Narmada [1918 Narmada/Wayhaven])
Lisa signed on as assistant engineer aboard the Golden Dawn shortly after Baronet Atopia Kesslering took possession of the starship.  Even though Lisa is an exceptional pilot and navigator, she has remained aboard and typically pilots Daybreak, the starship’s launch.  She spent for terms with the IISS piloting and navigating X-boats in the Narmada Subsector almost exclusively.
Viscount Trager Duvalier
(b. 1068, Yantra [1718 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 138-1089; wedded Baronet Decima Bauffremont [b. 1071] on 003-1090; six children)
The current head of the noble family that rules Yantra has fought a score of duels with other members of the Imperial Peerage, despite Duke Darius Ingersoll’s objections to the practice in general.  While this has left him with few friends, he is still well-regarded by most nobles in the subsector for his staunch support of the Imperium.


Ebonscale is the common name of a highly infectious degenerative disease affecting humaniti that produces distinctive and horrific black patches of scaly skin on its victims.  The disease is disfiguring and often leaves permanent scarring on its survivors – the disease has a fatality rate around 42%, even with advanced medical aid.  The recent outbreak of ebonscale on Kiewa (2117 Wayhaven) in 1077 claimed approximately 125,000 lives before its spread could be stopped.  The entire planet of Kiewa was quarantined by the Imperium until 1079 as a precaution.
The Ebonstrand
This black sand beach occupies part of the northern shore of the volcanic island of Smaug on Olt (2016 Narmada/Wayhaven).  From here, tourists can easily see The Mushroom – a large and ancient structure that stands just off-shore.  Baronet Atopia Kesslering took frequent vacations here starting in 1105.
Matriarch Elana
(b. 1051, Tarn [1816 Narmada/Wayhaven]; became planetary Matriarch on 191-1086)
She led a brutal and bloody insurrection to overthrow the former absolute monarch of Tarn that lasted five years and cost over a half-million lives.  What most residents of Tarn haven’t realized is that they have simply replaced one absolute ruler with another.  During the war, Elana had one of her fingers shot off and suffered nerve damage in her legs from a landmine, but remained the photogenic face of the resistance throughout.  Friction developed between her and the Imperial Peerage when her forces committed a series of atrocities in rooting out all remnants of the old regime after the war had ended.  After the Matriarch made a series of completely unreasonable demands of the Imperium, Tarn was diplomatically isolated, and Elana’s bureaucracy degenerated into the sorts of graft and corruption that inspired the insurrection in the first place.  Rand Tyler was part of her inner circle of advisors in 1106 (under the alias of Stannis Romanov) until a team led by Baronet Atopia Kesslering forcefully apprehended him and returned him to Narmada for a Moot Trial for the murder of Baron Alton Richards.
Emilio Brothers
This is a planetary criminal syndicate on Belgran (2217 Narmada/Wayhaven) that makes most of its money by subcontracting out lucrative government business contracts to private businesses and taking kickbacks as well.  Baronet Atopia was forced to pay the syndicate twelve hundred credits for permission to deliver a cargo outside the starport extrality in 1105, but also kicked in two bottles of Marquis Toyama’s special reserve whiskey to the intermediary of the organization because they were far classier than their counterparts, the Gonfalon Family.
Emperor’s Day
Otherwise known as Holiday, this is the first day of the standard Imperial year.  It is part of no cycle, though it is typically presented on the calendar along with Cycle Alpha.  It is honors the first emperor of the Third Imperium, Cleon I, who established the standard calendar with Year Zero, to avoid dating confusion when to referring to dates before the founding of the Third Imperium.  For nobles, Emperor’s Day is typically where they officially tithe one-tenth of their personal wealth to the noble ruling over them as a sign of ongoing fealty.  While it isn’t required, there is a tradition where nobles also tithe an additional sum to charities they favor on this day as well.
Empress Marava-class Type-A2 Far Trader
This 200 ton commercial starship employs improved drives and fuel capacity for Jump-2 and 2-G acceleration with fuel tankage to support one jump-2 or two jump-1’s.  The ship has ten staterooms and four low berths with a cargo capacity of 61 tons.  The ship typically equipped with a double pulse laser turret and dual sandcaster racks.  It is typically engaged in speculative trade off of established interstellar trade routes.
This large mammalian riding animal is native to Bandalor (2317 Narmada/Wayhaven), so named because of its passing resemblance to a domesticated cat.  In 1105, ISB Field Agent Hanson Griggs shot the equifeline Dr. Oscar Faulk attempted to escape him on, following the blood trail to a remote location before ending Faulk’s life as well.
This term is a contraction of “extraterritoriality” referring to the political agreement between governments that allows for embassy autonomy within another country’s borders.  Worlds of the Imperium have this agreement with the interstellar government to allow for the construction and operation of starports without overly burdening starship owners with a set of rules and regulations for each world.  Thus, an Imperial starport is not part of a planetary government’s claimed territory.


Baroness Selene Fairfax
(b. 1041, Skagit [2013 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 145-1063; wedded Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll [b. 1042] on 200-1063; four children)
The wife of the duke of Narmada subsector (Wayhaven G), Baroness Selene holds a fief within the Imperial Autonomy District on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) – an arcology block labeled Alpha Emerald Oh Four.  She has four children with her husband and is fashionably active in a number of charity organizations.
Faraday Baffles
These are specialized frames of metal grid wires designed to keep a starship’s jump drive fields from interacting with or adversely affecting cargo in the ship’s hold – such as magnetic ores or refined lanthanum.  All commercial starships carry these baffles, but they do require some time to set up and take down.  The Silver Dawn’s crew had to break out faraday baffles for a load of ferrous magnetic ore they picked up on Alagon (1819 Narmada/Wayhaven).
Dr. Oscar Faulk
(1067 – 1105; birth world, Landor [2011 Narmada/Wayhaven])
He was a micro-cyberneticist working for the Imperial Science Bureau until 1105 when he developed a non-replicating electro-parasitic nanite weapon colony that could attack electronic devices.  For reasons unknown, he removed the prototype colonies from the ISB facility on Okavango (0216 Okavango/Wayhaven) and attempted to sell them on the black market.  Faulk was pursued by ISB field agents until he finally was cornered and killed on Bandalor (2317 Narmada/Wayhaven) late in 1105.
Fool’s Landing
The capital city of Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) is home to the planet’s only starport and an IISS base.  Up until the end of the Moksha Mercenary War in 1106, it was a dilapidated shantytown of about 35,000 residents.  As of 1107, the Imperial Army Corps of Engineers has begun the process of demolishing the old town and constructing more permanent structures, along with establishing reliable infrastructure.
Baron Glen Forbes
(b. 1079, Narmada [1918 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 138-1101)
The Imperial Liaison to Kiewa was considered to be that world’s most eligible bachelor on Kiewa until his engagement to Lady Nephele Irianda, the daughter of a leader of one of Kiewa’s many countries.  The young baron is cheerful to the point of exuberance and quite handsome besides.  He holds a number of social events throughout the year as a means for him to maintain cordial relations among the leaders and administrations of Kiewa’s many balkanized nations.
Doc Frankenstein – see Dr. Myron Franklin
Dr. Myron Franklin
(1064 – 1105; born on Nan [2015 Narmada/Wayhaven]; aka Doc Frankenstein)
This war criminal conducted biological and chemical weapons testing on POWs and civilians during The Great Conflict on Nan (1087-1096), and deliberately using biological weapons to attack Imperial forces sent to arrest him in 1097.  He was killed under mysterious circumstances in 1105 while attempting to further his research into weaponizing biological agents on Nan.
This Chirper from Dnieper (1717 Narmada/Wayhaven) befriended Baronet Deidre Brogan in 1105 while she was conducting an amateur archeological dig.  He protected her after she was injured by a Dnieper Ursoid and remained with her afterwards.  He also befriended Olivia Miller and accompanied her on a misguided exploration of air vents in the Whiskey Amber Oh Seven arcology on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1106.
Sir Jasper Fulcra
(b. 1024, Belaya [1012 Belaya/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 145-1073; wedded Lady Nyra Serindi [1022 – 1093] on 222-1044; three children)
He is a medical scientist whose research work vastly improved survival rates of cryonic hibernation and resulted in several basic patents in low berth capsules used by both the Imperial military and for interstellar commerce.  He was aboard the Silver Dawn in 1105 when one of the low berth passengers was murdered, and provided valuable technical assistance in helping find the murderer.


Glaurung Mountains
This range of dormant volcanic mountains on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) lies approximately 300 kilometers north of Fool’s Landing.  Up until the end of 1106, it was also home to a number of slave labor camps controlled by local mercenary units that mined gemstones in the eroded lava beds and moutainsides.  Baroness Olivia Servantes waged a campaign to end slave labor here while consolidating her power over Moksha during the Moksha Mercenary War.  Baronet Atopia Kesslering and the crew of the Golden Dawn mounted a rescue mission here for Baroness Olivia near the end of the conflict.
Globiovirus Gamma
This highly contagious virus is rarely fatal in humaniti, but it can cause severe liver and kidney damage if left untreated.  Initial symptoms include moderate fever, muscle and joint pain, and blood in the urine.  Fortunately, a fifteen-day course of oral sulfonamide will cure most patients.  There was an outbreak of this virus on Kiewa (2117 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1106 which was halted by a shipment of forty d-tons of sulfonamide from Karakesh’s (2218 Narmada/Wayhaven) Imperial Liaison Sir Onnab Sarak, delivered by the Far Trader Silver Dawn.
Golden Dawn
Baronet Atopia Kesslering traded in the Silver Dawn as a down payment on this Silk Road-class Type-L Independent Merchant starship, which she took possession of on 265-1106, shortly after Marquis Toyama Weston paid off the remaining balance on her old starship as a thank you gift.
Golgotha (1540 X152210-3) **Red Zone**
This former mining colony has become Wayhaven Sector’s maximum security penal colony, reserved for those criminals who have committed crimes against the Peerage.  It is noted for having an unusual amount of heavy metals in its molten core which gives it a much higher surface gravity (0.5 G) than is typical for such a small world, plus it has an unusually powerful magnetosphere to shield it from cosmic rays and solar flares.  There are no guards at the subterranean colony, but the space around the world is interdicted by the Imperial Navy which also maintains multiple layers of armed blockade satellites to prevent unauthorized landings.  Prisoners sent here typically are supposed to serve twenty years, but only about one in twenty-five survives long enough to be taken to Limpopo (2040 Limpopo/Wayhaven) to be processed for exile from the Imperium.
Gonfalon Family
This is a planetary criminal syndicate on Belgran (2217 Narmada/Wayhaven) that makes most of its money by subcontracting out lucrative government business contracts to private businesses and taking kickbacks as well.  Baronet Atopia was forced to pay the syndicate fifteen hundred credits for permission to deliver a cargo outside the starport extrality in 1105.
Goorudee (1813 E200343-4)
The subterranean dwellers of this world are methane-breathers, living within caverns that are replenished by natural processes.  The Goorudeen are also exceptional miners, trading ores, gems, geological curiosities and manufactured goods for luxury items and items to help advance their technology.
The Grand Assembly
This massive domed building in Red Sun City on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) is where the Narmada Subsector Moots are held.  Aside from the Grand Hall, a cavernous facility where the Moot actually does its work, the building also houses meeting rooms, a grand ballroom for large receptions, and a five-star hotel for visiting nobility during the Moots and anyone else who can afford the rates between Moots.
Gray Twilight
This is a mercenary unit based on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) that consists of a company of mechanized infantry with serious credentials and a long and bloody history of taking on the tough jobs around Wayhaven Sector.  It is owned and led by Colonel Orem Kerimov.  In 1106, Gray Twilight joined an effort by Dame Olivia Servantes to end the practice of slave labor on Moksha, which led to elevation to Baroness and made the world her fief.
Leif Grenfeld
(b. 1069, Landor [2011 Narmada/Wayhaven])
He is an ex-Scout on detached duty with the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service, piloting the surplus Scout/Courier Urutu.  While he does have dealings with members of the Peerage occasionally, he mostly engages in running mail and messages to low population worlds in the subsector.
Hanson Griggs
(1059 – 1105, birth world Okavango [0216 Okavango/Wayhaven])
He was an Imperial Science Bureau field agent assigned to track down Dr. Oscar Faulk and the weaponized nanites the scientist had created in 1105.  The hunt became personal when Faulk killed Griggs’ partner, a female ISB agent named Astrid.  Shortly after killing Faulk, Griggs partially foiled an attempt by the Yellow Sail Syndicate to obtain the nanites on Bandalor (2317 Narmada/Wayhaven), killing the thugs sent to do the job and neutralizing one of the two containers of nanites.  The other container wound up aboard the Silver Dawn, but Griggs had accidentally infested himself with the nanites from the first container.  Those nanites caused the life support inside the cabin he inhabited during a hyperspace transit to fail, ending his life and mission, and leaving the crew of the Silver Dawn to pick up the pieces and use his equipment to locate and neutralize the other nanites aboard before they could disable the ship.


Baron Eldon von Haas
(b. 1043, Teleajen (1917 Narmada/Wayhaven); acclaimed 144-1065; wedded Dame Sonja Evans (1045 – 1096) on 188-1066; two children)
Baron Eldon maintains a fief on Teleajen as a wildlife preserve and is an avid hunter who owns the Safari starship Quatermain.  While the baron is no longer active in the affairs of subsector nobility, he still attends the Narmada Subsector Moot with regularity.
James Harrison
This was an alias used by Imperial Science Bureau Field Agent Hanson Griggs while he was on a mission on Bandalor (2317 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105.  James was supposedly a low level bureaucrat from the ISB checking up on some agricultural research projects on that world.
Yolanda Hebro
(b. 1083, Narmada [1918 Narmada/Wayhaven])
She was convicted in 1106 of murdering Zantra Dailiarc, the Head Planetary Comptroller of Paquin (2118 Narmada/Wayhaven) while the victim was in a low berth aboard the Silver Dawn.  She had been paid approximately Cr400,000 by Kailin Tormos – suspected of stealing two-hundred and fifty million credits from the government treasury on Paquin (2118 Narmada/Wayhaven) – to carry out the deed along with Hondo Wright.  She is currently serving her twenty-year sentence on Narmada, but will face other charges on Paquin when she is released in 1126.
Helix BioTech
This sector-wide megacorporation specializes in genetic modification processes, microorganism fabrication for industrial applications, pharmaceuticals and gene therapy treatment technologies.  The corporation had a research facility on Yantra that was used by the late Baron François Verne to develop a weaponized strain of the AZOOR virus that was released in Narmada’s Imperial Autonomy District in 1105.  That facility was subsequently destroyed in 1105 in a failed attempt by Verne to murder Marquis Dr. Toyama Weston, Count Lars Wyndham and his wife Lady Annabelle Wyndham.
Waldo Hobson
(1058 – 1105)
While maintaining a cover identity as head of the Ebonscale Task Force on Kiewa (2117 Narmada/Wayhaven), Hobson also acted as an agent for Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll.  Sadly, Mr. Hobson was killed by members of the Toromandi crime syndicate in 1105 in an attempt to prevent the exposure of Clio Toromandi as a body double of the late Lady Nephele Irianda.  He managed to preserve the information needed to expose the deception on a datachip inside a bust of Duke Darius that eluded a pair of searchers who trashed his apartment.
Holiday – see Emperor’s Day
This is a self-contained holographic video player that resembles an ornate picture frame.  It displays a still three-dimensional image until the frame is touched, causing it play a pre-recorded holographic video.  These are usually presented to members of the Peerage when their acclaim to their current rank is affirmed by the Sector Duke/Duchess, Domain Archduke/Archduchess and finally by the Emperor/Empress.  Baronet Atopia Kesslering received a holoframe of Sector Duke Wymark Gascoyne’s affirmation of her acclamation to her rank from Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll in 1106.  The still image is her Patent of Nobility.


Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS)
This virus generally attacks victims suffering from viral meningitis, causing severe complications often resulting in the death of the victim.  There was an outbreak of IRIS on Barlow (2017 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1107, after viral meningitis spread through a majority of the transients living there, eventually spreading to a portion of the residential population as well.  While healthy people have nothing to fear from IRIS, the infectiousness of viral meningitis makes one susceptible unless he or she is taking broad-spectrum anti-viral medication before exposure.
Imperial Army Corps of Engineers
This branch of the Imperial Army constructs fortifications, logistics center, communications and transportation networks, housing, sanitation systems and just about any other construction project that’s need to fulfill its missions in support of Army combat units.  The IACE was assigned to help with the rebuilding of the Fool’s Landing Starport on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1107, but quickly expanded its scope to improving the urban areas of Fool’s Landing as well.
Imperium-class Type-Y Yacht
This 200 ton starship is typically owned by a member of the Imperial peerage and is used for political and commercial missions as well as for personal pleasure.  This ship is capable of Jump-1 and 1-G acceleration, with enough fuel tankage for two successive jumps.  There are fourteen staterooms, two of which are combined to form the owner’s suite, along with 11 tons of cargo capacity.  Most ships of the class have a single hardpoint.  Yachts are typically equipped with an air/raft, ATV and a 30-ton Ship’s Boat, though many owners customize these options.
Incineration Solitude
This equatorial desert lies just south of Red Sun City on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) and is easily viewed from Armando’s Restaurant in Arcology Juliette Azure Oh Nine.  It is popular with Narmada’s ornithoptery enthusiasts, as it provides strong thermals late in the day which allows them to gain altitude while gliding, providing an opportunity to rest while remaining airborne.
Ine Givar (ih-NAY GIH-var)
This loose association of interstellar terrorist organizations is attempting to break Imperial rule in several parts of the empire.  The groups active in Wayhaven Sector had their start as Solomani Confederation black operatives during the Solomani Rim War of 990 – 1002.  Most recently, they were associated with Baron François Verne on Yantra (1718 Narmada/Wayhaven) as part of a plot to release a weaponized strain of the AZOOR virus on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105, hoping to infect the nobles of the subsector at the upcoming Moot that year.
Duke Darius Ingersoll
(b. 1042, Narmada [1918 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed (apparent) 125-1063, actual 125-1103; wedded Baroness Selene Fairfax [b. 1041] on 200-1063; four children)
The subsector duke of Narmada Subsector (Wayhaven G) claimed his title in 1103 after the passing of his grandfather, Duke Wyndham Ingersoll.  Duke Darius is a retired Imperial Navy Captain who served with distinction during rescue and relief efforts on Kiewa (2117 Wayhaven) during the Ebonscale Plague of 1077.
Empress lolanthe
(b. 1052, Darkaoul [2637 Lagan/Gushemege]; proclaimed 188-1071)
Iolanthe Guuilbataashullibaa is the wife of Emperor Strephon the First, the eldest daughter of the Sector Duke of Gushemege.  Empress Iolanthe is a full-blood Vilani who has worked to garner support for her husband’s reform efforts, despite great resistance to them from the Imperial Moot.
Lady Nephele Irianda (imposter) – see entry for Clio Toromandi
Lady Nephele Irianda (real)
(1079 – 1089, Kiewa [2117 Narmada/Wayhaven])
The only daughter and youngest child of Lord Embrico Irianda of the Republic of Berthold on Kiewa (2117 Narmada/Wayhaven) died during a secondary outbreak of Ebonscale on that world along with her mother, Lord Embrico’s wife.  The current person with that name is an cosmetically altered imposter whose true name is known to only a handful of people.


Planetary Sovereign J’Ahn
(b. 1042, Mologa [2220 Narmada/Wayhaven]; wedded Royal Consort So-Yan [b. 1045] on 100-1063)
The leader of Mologa is surprisingly well-versed in matters of the subsector, but he simply chooses not to participate in them.  It is enough to oversee the bureaucracy of his own world, though he always seems to have time for anyone who wishes to see him personally.  Baronet Atopia Kesslering met with him in 1106 in regards to finding an appropriate gift for Baroness Selene Fairfax.  J’Ahn was impressed by her manners and demeanor and introduced the baronet to his wife, So-Yan, a crafter of porcelain items.
Prefect Jones
(b. 1062, Alagon [1819 Narmada/Wayhaven]; became planetary leader on 001-1095)
After hearing her out, Prefect Jones used his office to shelter Saffron Marteau when she fled from Yantra in 1098, legitimizing her alias as Susan Miller and her daughter’s upon the child’s birth in 1099.  He revealed his actions to Baronet Atopia Kesslering when she returned Olivia Miller to Alagon (1819 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1106.  He subsequently had Olivia fully documented and gave Atopia’s adoption of the girl his blessing.


Ka Makani Kai Terrace Restaurant
This upscale restaurant is located a hundred stories above street level in the Wahi Ho’ano space habitat orbiting Sok (2114 Narmada/Wayhaven).  Baronet Atopia Kesslering met here with the Imperial Liaison for Sok, Baronet Leigh Denali, in 1106.  While they were dining, Baronet Leigh had a confrontation with Spencer Kalakaua, who was orchestrating a public relations campaign to bring in offworld concerns to take over atmospheric skimming and asteroid mining operations.  Baronet Atopia agreed to assist Baronet Leigh in countering his efforts.
Baronet Kagura Yanni (family name is first by planetary tradition)
(b. 1075, Kasai [1913 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 138-1101; wedded Marquis Dr. Toyama Weston 255-1106)
She is a former Imperial Navy Lt. Commander in the medical branch who was acclaimed for her heroic efforts to render aid to victims of a piracy raid on Noosa (1714 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1098.  After aiding Marquis Toyama’s efforts on Kiewa (2117 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105, she resigned her commission and married him in 1106.
Karakash (2218 E250847-3)
This small desert world’s government transitioned from a participating to a representative democracy about fifty years ago, with an emphasis of extending it into the business sector.  Be warned: don’t make any claims in a business transaction that you can’t prove as dishonesty in commerce can result in a lengthy prison term, if you’re convicted…
Kasai (1913 E554873-3)
The 430 million residents of Kasai are divided into fifty-eight principalities, each of which has its own language, traditions, art and culture.  Because of this and the world’s low technological level, starport facilities are minimal, but tourists still flock to this world to bask in its cultural diversity.
Kazanka (2211 A633577-9) *Amber Zone*
The dizzying array of local noble states found here – some of which encompass only a few hectares – stems from a hereditary appanage policy dating back hundreds of years.  On the down side, battles between neighbors are frequent (which explains the Amber Travel Zone); but on the upside, they tend to be brief and (generally) non-lethal – except when one side hires mercenaries to fight for them…
Kerepets (2412 C594548-7)
This agricultural world is renowned for its exceptionally healthy foodstuffs which are in high demand across the subsector.  Unfortunately, they are in such high demand that piracy is commonplace in the system and competition is fierce for each and every lot fresh produce that becomes available for purchase – sometimes to the point of strong-arm tactics and outright intimidation and theft…
Colonel Orem Kerimov
The current commander and owner of the mercenary company Gray Twilight based on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) has a reputation for military accomplishments under adverse and challenging conditions.  In 1106, he married Olga Belovol and joined the effort to unite the lawless world under the rule of Dame (now Baroness) Olivia Servantes.
Baronet Atopia Kesslering, Defender of the Imperium
(b. 129-1068, Nan [2015 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 142-1105; acclaimed Defender of the Imperium 131-1107; one adopted daughter)
She is a retired Imperial Navy Captain who is owner of the Golden Dawn, an Independent Merchant starship.  Baronet Atopia has figured into a number of affairs regarding the nobility of Narmada subsector.  She has an adopted daughter, Lady Olivia Miller (nee Verne).
Kibble (aka Nugs)
This is a popular synthetic foodstuff that is formed into small crunchy nodules.  It is typically sold in single-serving plastic bags containing about 100 grams of the product and costing around Cr1 each.  Flavors and colors vary across the Imperium, but for many in the lower economic classes this is a staple of their diet.
Kiewa (2117 C343876-9) *Amber Zone*
This world’s population is still recovering from an epidemic that resulted in quarantine nearly three decades ago.  While the Ebonscale Plague is history, the Imperium was forced to step in to help the stigmatized offspring and survivors of the plague in 1105.
Kiewa Humanitarian Effort
This organization oversees and manages charitable donations intended to benefit the survivors of the Ebonscale Plague in 1077.  Both Marquis Toyama Weston and Baronet Atopia Kesslering are regular contributors.
Colonel Hassan Kimani
(1053 – 1106)
He was the head of the Thunderball Lancers mercenary outfit on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1106 when Dame Olivia Servantes was authorized to take control of that planet by Subsector Duke Darius Ingersol.  Kimani resisted the takeover because the slave labor he used to mine gemstones was making him rich – a practice that Dame Olivia intended to stop.  He ordered an attack on the noble’s residence in the Fool’s Landing Starport Extrality after forces loyal to her shut down three of his slave labor camps, capturing her when she attempted a raid on a fourth camp.  After she was liberated by a strike team from the Golden Dawn (which claimed the life of Danforth, a close associate), she ordered his unit killed to a man and his compound razed to the ground.
IISS Klenova
This is a Donosev-class survey ship commanded by Joseph Granger which was pressed into service by Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll to ferry Baronet Atopia Kesslering to Moksha and back in 1105, following the assassination of Baron Alton Richards – primarily due to its jump-3 capability, but also because it was unarmed and Baronet Atopia’s mission was a diplomatic one.
Kolan (1815 C754753-5)
This agricultural world has benefited from the aid of IISS agronomists who have bioengineered strains of common staple crops that thrive here.  Unfortunately, it has also left the world completely dependent for off-world supplies to support their professional agriculture, a fact with several megacorporations have exploited over the past century…
Kolani Zebu
This humpbacked variety of bovine livestock on Kolan (1815 Narmada/Wayhaven) is the offspring of genetically modified stock which was optimized to thrive on the forage available on that world.  Baron Harper Willow’s fief has a herd of these that got their start when Baronet Fletcher Willow introduced them to the fief a few decades ago.
Spencer Kalakaua
(b. 1073, Sok [2114 Narmada/Wayhaven])
He was head of Okapolio, a planetary company on Sok that purchased compounds that were skimmed from the planet’s atmosphere.  However, in 1106 he began a public campaign to overturn a decision by the planet’s leaders, the Na Alaka’I, against offworld concerns (specifically, megacorporation Sternmetal Horizons) from taking over skimming and asteroid mining operations from local firms.  Baronet Atopia and the crew of the Silver Dawn discovered he was receiving money from offworld to finance a group of small craft to attack skimmer craft, in order to shore up his claim that skimming was too dangerous for locals to do.  He was eventually exiled from Sok and his personal and corporate assets liquidated for reparations to the families of victims of his attack craft.


Lake Placid
This Type-A2 Empress Marava-class Far Trader registered out of Volga (2008 Volga/Wayhaven) made pirate attacks in the Narmada Subsector under the name Whydah in 1106.
Landor (2011 A6568A7-C)
The Exalted One rules a surprisingly peaceful and orderly world by being a shining example for his subjects to follow.  His exploits and teachings permeate the planetary media, but visitors to this world are advised to keep their opinions to themselves…
Lankin (1911 E9E4456-4)
The atmosphere of this world is only breathable in the vicinity of the Great Equatorial Quag, where ten thousand hardy settlers are developing the planetary flora into marketable products for interstellar markets.
Clayton Leets
This lower level bureaucrat of Tarn’s (1816 Narmada/Wayhaven) Interstellar Affairs department was the means Baronet Atopia Kesslering (in her Fiona Paxton alias) used to gain access to Stannis Romanov (the alias of Rand Tyler), who was the head of that department in 1106.  Clayton had a nearly superhuman capacity for alcohol and food, running up a dinner bill of Cr1500 on Atopia’s tab while raking in over Cr5500 in bribe money over two nights for the “service.”  Clayton was described as being short, obese and myopic, with a pair of thick spectacles perched upon the bridge of his bulbous, red nose.
Baroness Orlena Lefevre
(b. 1047, Ussan [1818 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 137-1069; three adopted daughters)
The Imperial Liaison of Ussan (1818 Narmada/Wayhaven) owns an expansive tea and tobacco farm near the capital city of Belle Plain.  Baroness Orlena has never married, though she has adopted and raised three children who remain with her on Ussan to help run the family business.


The Maker
This refers to the religious belief in an omnipotent being who created the universe and all that is within it.  In common usage, this is an exclamation of surprise or wonder, as in “By The Maker!” or “Great Maker!”
This Suleiman-class Type-S Scout/Courier is owned by Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll and was used by Baron Harper Willow, Baronet Atopia Kesslering and Valo Arenson on a mission to Dnieper (1717 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105.  Of note, the starship’s air/raft is missing, most likely so the previous private owner could carry four more displacement tons of cargo in the small ship.
Magistrate Soya Manama
(b. 1053, Karakesh [2218 Narmada/Wayhaven])
She is the judge and arbitrator for the planetary district that includes Sirocco City on Karakesh (2218 Narmada/Wayhaven).  Magistrate is a position of great respect on a planet that makes the act of deliberately telling someone a lie a crime.  She tried the case where Silver Dawn crewmember Tabitha Nole was accused of lying to Oran Mirani when she turned down his proposal for marriage.  Ms. Nole  was acquitted after it was revealed that Oran was using a scarf that produced smart pheromones as part of scam to lure women of wealthy families to him so he could accuse them of lying and take possession of their wealth as part of the sentence.
March-class Type-R Subsidized Merchant
This 400 ton starship operates on established interstellar trade routes, capable of Jump-1 and 1-G acceleration with enough fuel tankage to support one jump.  It has thirteen staterooms, nine low berths and a cargo capacity of 200 tons.  The Type-R typically has two turrets – a double beam laser and dual sandcaster racks.
Saffron Marteau
(1073 – 1105; Yantra [1718 Narmada/Wayhaven])
She was a lab technician for the Helix BioTech research facility on Yantra (1718 Narmada/Wayhaven) around 1097.  She became romantically involved with Baron François Verne at that time, shortly after the death of his wife, Lady Semera Poitiers.  Saffron soon discovered the baron’s association with agents of a Ine Givar terrorist cell operating on Yantra, shortly after discovering that she was pregnant with the baron’s child in 1098.  She copied incriminating files onto a datachip, and with the aid of a young Gerard Verne, the baron’s son, went into hiding on Alagon (1819 Narmada/Wayhaven) under the alias of Susan Miller.  Agents of the Ine Givar tracked her down on Alagon in 1105, kidnapping and subsequently killing her while in hyperspace between Alagon and Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven).
Merry Ruben
This Type-A2 Clydesdale-class Far Trader registered out of Yantra (1718 Narmada/Wayhaven) was used by Ine Givar terrorists to locate, kidnap and murder Saffron Marteau on Alagon (1819 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105, before proceeding on to Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) to deliver ampules of the weaponized AZOOR virus released in the Imperial Autonomous District there.
Mezen Hegemony
This is an independent interstellar government located in the rimward half of the Limpopo and Tarim Subsectors (Subsectors O & P of Wayhaven, respectively) just beyond the Imperial border.  The Hegemony has 34 worlds that are inhabited by the descendants of Imperial Vargr who engaged in commerce raiding for the Solomani leading up to and during the Solomani Rim War from 980 through 1004.  The offenders were exiled from Imperial space after the war and settled initially on Mezen before expanding to dominate the worlds around them.
Midnight Vagabond
This Type-S Scout/Courier was the means for Saffron Marteau to escape Yantra (1718 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1098.  The pilot/owner of the starship filed a falsified flight plan to mislead any potential followers.
Olivia Miller (Verne)
(b. 1099, Alagon [1819 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed Lady Olivia Verne 139-1107)
She is an orphan who stowed away aboard the Silver Dawn in an attempt to transit from Alagon (1819 Narmada/Wayhaven) to Yantra (1718 Narmada/Wayhaven).  She was discovered aboard on 117-1106 and Baronet Atopia Kesslering eventually adopted the child.  Genetic testing on Yantra (and later on Narmada) confirms that Olivia is the illegitimate child of the late François Verne (formerly a baron of the peerage) and the late Saffron Marteau a lab assistant working for Helix BioTech on Yantra.  Olivia was orphaned when agents of the Ine Givar kidnapped Saffron (who was using the alias of Susan Miller), who was in hiding from then Baron François, and ejected her from an airlock during a hyperspace transit in 1105.  Olivia has proven to be a precocious child who has excelled in her schooling and is well adapted to the gypsy merchant lifestyle that her adopted mother leads.  At the 1107 Narmada Subsector Moot, Olivia was acclaimed as being of noble blood after House Verne was saved from being disbanded by the actions of Baronet Atopia Kesslering.
Susan Miller
This is the alias created in 1098 by Prefect Jones, the planetary leader of Alagon (1819 Narmada/Wayhaven) for Saffron Marteau, allowing her and her daughter Olivia Miller to live in hiding from the late François Verne (formerly Baron François) on Yantra (1718 Narmada/Wayhaven).
Golan Mirani
(b. 1061, Karakesh [2218 Narmada/Wayhaven])
Golan is the uncle and ward of Oran Mirani (see entry below) who conspired with his nephew to strip thirteen wealthy young women and their families of lucrative mineral rights on Karakesh starting in 1103.  He was convicted of conspiracy and employing an illegal enabling mechanism in Imperial court on Narmada in 1106 and was sentenced to twenty years in the Imperial Autonomy District Correctional Center.
Oran Mirani
(b. 1083, Karakesh [2218 Narmada/Wayhaven])
Oran is a young man who was convicted on Narmada in 1106 of employing an illegal enabling mechanism on Karakesh to seduce thirteen local women and successfully convict them of lying – a very serious offense under local law there that results in the forfeiture of personal and family assets.  When he attempted the tactic on Tabitha Nole, the crew of the Silver Dawn conducted an investigation that revealed the mechanism; a scarf that was impregnated with nanotech smart pheromone emitters.  Oran was sentenced to twenty years in the Imperial Autonomy District Correctional Center.
Moksha (2216 C444402-9) *Amber Zone*
Moksha is infamous in law-enforcement circles as a den of scum and villainy – a place where interstellar outlaws tend to hide out until the heat it off.  While the heavily armed and somewhat paranoid population tends to scare off most would-be bounty hunters, many locals who are sick of the bad reputation are willing to help off-worlders bag the worst of the criminals living there – for a price…
Moksha Dawn Mining
This startup company was started by Baronet Atopia Kesslering on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1107 with twenty transients from Barlow (2017 Narmada/Wayhaven).  The operation got twenty megacredits in seed money from Her Ladyship, under the control of Olga Belovol and operated by Isiah Tombrey, a former belter.  The operation will be working to mine precious gems from the volcanic gem fields of the Glaurung Mountains approximately 300 kilometers north of Fool’s Landing Starport.
Moksha Mercenary War
(1106, Moksha [2216 Narmada/Wayhaven])
This is the common name for a planetary conflict on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) that began on 118-1106 and ended on 365-1106.  After the assassination of Baron Alton Richards by Moksha mercenaries on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105, Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll consulted with Dame Olivia Servantes, the Imperial Liaison there, about getting the ungoverned mercenary units there under better control.  Many of the mercenary companies there used slave labor to mine gemstones in the Glaurung Mountains north of the Fool’s Landing Starport, and it was decided this would be the reason for an Imperial annexation.  Dame Olivia then consulted with a number of the mercenary units there, getting their support and began pressuring the rest, one by one, to sign on.  Those that did aided the effort.  The first fighting erupted on 118-1106 as the remaining mercenary units took up arms to fight the takeover.  The final battle was a siege of the Thunderball Lancers compound that lasted five days beginning on 360-1106.  Dame Olivia ordered that no prisoners be taken, any surviving equipment be confiscated and the compound razed, ending the conflict.
Mologa (2220 E97879C-1)
This primitive agricultural world’s government has a conservative bend that has stagnated its culture, development and business.  As a result, all interactions – social and professional – are highly ritualized and complex affairs.  Visitors to this world are strongly advised to adhere to local customs at all times and to hire a reputable cultural interpreter.
ADF General Cassandra Mutabe
(b. 1073, Karakesh [2218 Narmada/Wayhaven])
She was promoted and became commander of the Autonomy Defense Force on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) on 142-1107 after spending seven cycles on detached duty aboard the Golden Dawn.  She initially enlisted in the Imperial Army, spending twelve years there before leaving the service and signing on with the ADF.  When Baron Harper Willow left the crew without a ship’s medic, Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll “loaned” then Colonel Mutabe, who is also a Class I medic, out to fill the position, knowing that her superior, ADF General Uzuri Sumari was preparing to retire in the near future.


Nan (2015 C47497B-8)
The infrastructure and cities of this world are still badly damaged from an unrestricted world-wide conflict between its nations that ended ten years ago.  Relief and rebuilding efforts continue, but many areas of Nan will remain uninhabitable for hundreds if not thousands of years in the war’s aftermath.
Narmada (1918 B260997-D)
The subsector capital is located on this small desert moon of the gas giant Orgus. The Imperial Autonomy District here is where many former service members are out-processed to start their post-service careers.  Due to the low gravity and significant atmosphere, human-powered flight – ornithoptery – is a popular sport here.
Narmada Subsector
Subsector G of the Wayhaven Sector on the rimward-trailing border of the Third Imperium contains 45 inhabited star systems, all of which can be reached with Jump-1 technology.  The world with the greatest population in the subsector is Oya (1811) with 4.38 billion residents, while the greatest technological level is found on both Barlow (2017) and Narmada (1918), each of which are TL 14 (D).  This subsector has ten agricultural worlds but only one industrial world – Nan (2015).  Two of the worlds in the Narmada subsector – 553-088 (1719) and 085-773 (2214) are not members of the Imperium and have red travel codes.  There are three worlds – Kazanka (2211), Kiewa (2117) and Moksha (2216) – which have amber travel codes.
Nine Hells
This is a rather common epitaph used throughout Imperial space.  Its origins are murky, but it is believed to have roots in Vilani religious culture, where both the afterlife paradise and punishment were organized by societal class.
Nive (2212 B241653-A)
The roughly two million natives of Nive have developed excellent lung capacities and the ability to tolerate the tainted atmosphere over many generations.  Several subsector corporations have exploited their abilities over the past several decades while effectively strip mining the world of what few resources it has…
Tabitha Nole
(b. 1075, Landor [2011 Narmada/Wayhaven])
Originally hired as a gunner by Baronet Atopia Kesslering for the Far Trader Silver Dawn, Tabitha has proven to be an excellent computer programmer and operator as well, providing an added capability to missions that Baronet Atopia occasionally undertakes.  Tabitha has remained on as a gunner aboard the Golden Dawn, and has also proven herself a capable teacher in regards to Olivia Miller.
Noosa (1714 E570578-6)
This desert world has become home to political and war refugees from dozens of worlds around the sector, with each group maintaining its own enclave, all of which tend to be insular.  The situation has also made the planetary marketplace (located just outside the extrality of the starport) the place to sell and purchase contraband of all types…
Nugs – see Kibble
This is a popular beverage type sold in plastic pouches or boxes containing approximately 250 milliliters.  Nutria-drink is typically processed with an emulsifier to make it resemble a number of variations of mammalian milk with flavorings and nutrients added.


Oban (1915 B465568-7)
This world is the personal fief of Baroness Sybella von Oban who takes advantage of the Imperial Navy base to maintain control of the fractious populace that openly chafes under her heavy-handed rule.  It is suspected (but has never been proved) that one of the planet’s many resistance groups was responsible for the death of her husband and oldest son five years ago…
Occam’s Razor
This expression entails the idea that the simplest explanation for something is most likely to be correct.  This concept is based loosely on the philosophical “Law of Parsimony” forwarded by Terran philosopher William of Ockham in the 13th Century CE of the old Terran calendar.
Samantha O’Connor
(b. 1073, Oya [1811 Narmada/Wayhaven])
Samantha was hired as the ship’s steward for the Silver Dawn on 216-1106 and has held that position aboard the Golden Dawn as well.  While she has little formal education, she is highly intelligent and brings the hard lessons that the crowded and desperate streets of Oya’s largest city teaches all its children.  She is an excellent cook and housekeeper and knows her way around starships, having served sixteen years aboard free traders and independent merchant starships.
Okapolio – see Spencer Kalakaua
Olt (2016 B67A341-A)
This water world has a single chain of volcanic islands straddling its equator.  With the tropical climate, an incredible variety of colorful flora and fauna, this is a popular vacation spot and port of call.  It is also home to a large hollow structure resembling a mushroom that is of unknown origin.
Order of the Iridium Star
This medal is one of the highest awards that can be bestowed upon a civilian or lower-ranking member of the Peerage who is not engaged in military service by a member of the high nobility.  It denotes devotion to the highest ideals of the Third Imperium, even under duress and threat to life and limb.  It is usually awarded posthumously.
Oya (1811 E8889BA-4)
This planet’s government is proof to the universe that no good deeds go unpunished.  The hereditary Ruling Council is generally benevolent toward the citizenry, but never explains why it does anything, punishing severely any who would dare question their actions.  This has spawned an underground resistance movement called “Y” that imports all sorts of contraband for its activities…


Paquin (2118 B9C57CA-7)
The Guardians of Public Service take the job of running their planet’s defense, infrastructure, health and education very seriously.  Everything else is contracted out to the lowest bidder – with the predictable results, given the hazardous nature of Paquin’s atmosphere…
Fiona Paxton
This is a false identity used by Baronet Atopia Kesslering for clandestine operations.  Fiona’s cover story is that she’s an entrepreneur from Narmada, representing silent partners and investors.
Sir Benson Pembroke
(b. 1047; Mologa [2220 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 141-1099)
The Imperial Liaison to Olt is a retired Merchant Marine Captain who was knighted for his efforts to bring medical personnel and relief supplies to Nan [2015 Narmada/Wayhaven] during that planet’s most recent worldwide conflict, and given this laid-back assignment as an additional reward.
Bernard Pernet
One of the two Ine Givar terrorists believed responsible for kidnapping and subsequently murdering Saffron Marteau on Alagon (1819 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105, as well as bringing the weaponized AZOOR virus to Narmada aboard the Far Trader Merry Ruben that same year.
Dimitri Petrovski
(b. 1084, Dilgry [1812 Narmada/Wayhaven])
He is the only survivor of the six soldiers of fortune recruited away from the Gray Twilight mercenary unit on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) by Rand Tyler in 1105.  While on Tarn (1816 Narmada/Wayhaven), he turned on Rand after overhearing that Baronet Atopia Kesslering threaten to use her starship to level Rand’s residence if he resisted being apprehended.  Dimitri murdered the remaining mercenaries in the house and severely wounded Rand before surrendering to the crew.  He offered testimony against Rand in exchange for clemency from the Moot Court.  He was ultimately sentenced to five years at the Imperial Autonomy District Correctional Center.
This middle-aged man is the personal aide to Marquis Doctor Toyama Weston.  By all accounts he is an efficient and matter-of-fact sort who excels in his position.  Philip, whose last name or title has not been revealed, is also a culinary chef of note who prepares meals for the marquis’ social occasions.
Photon Cannon
This is a colorful spacer term for a ship-to-ship laser weapon.
INS Polaris Incident
This Hazard-class Imperial Navy frigate was rendering assistance to the Lady Astrid, a Starwind-class passenger liner, after the merchant vessel misjumped into the Lankin (1911 Narmada/Wayhaven) system on 267-1098.  A plasma fire in the engineering section of Astrid caused a secondary explosion, which severely damaged the Polaris killing all of the ship’s engineering crew including the Chief Engineer, as well as starting a plasma fire aboard the frigate.  Lt. Commander Atopia Kesslering, a deck officer, quickly put together an ad hoc damage control party to enter the engineering section.  Despite great personal danger to life and limb, the party managed to contain the fire and prevent further damage to both ships.  Atopia was awarded a Meritorious Conduct under Fire Citation for her ingenuity and courage in saving fifty-eight lives aboard the Polaris and another fifty-two aboard Lady Astrid.  On 142-1105, then Captain Atopia Kesslering was acclaimed to the noble rank of Baronet by Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) when the full details of the incident were finally made public by the Imperial Navy.
Port Danforth
Baroness Olivia Servantes of Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) that once all the infrastructure upgrades of Fool’s Landing are complete, the town’s name will be changed to this, in honor of Danforth, a mercenary she was close to before his untimely death late in 1106.
This is an unflattering term for an incompetent, stupid, or foolish person.


Quirindi (1712 C779753-7)
This world’s residents are required to work for the planetary government for two cycles every year instead of paying taxes.  It is also a popular destination for merchants with the low licensing fees here making it a flag of convenience for many independent trade vessels.


Ration Bar
This is a synthetic foodstuff that is designed to replace a meal.  The typical ration bar masses about 250 grams and contains a mix of nutrients.  Most ration bars cost Cr2 and come in a variety of flavors.  The consistency varies by source, ranging from the crunch of a robust shortbread cookie to a chewy brownie – and flavors typically resemble popular entrees.
Rauma (1814 C361584-9)
Rauma’s government was formed to manage its water resources, eventually expanding into all areas of planetary management.  While the planet is a model of conservation, there is an extensive black market in water smuggling as well.
Republic of Berthold
This nation on Kiewa (2117 Narmada/Wayhaven) is suspected of laundering around sixty million credits of Toromandi crime family money each year, and has extended its diplomatic protection to members of that syndicate.  Lord Embrico Iridana, a planetary noble with considerable clout in that country’s government has a close relationship with the head of the Toromandi crime syndicate, Don Sigan Toromandi.
Baron Alton Richards
(1058 – 1105; Narmada [1918 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 139-1081; wedded Lady Petula Ipswich [1056 – 1091] on 307-1082; two children)
Baron Alton was instrumental in exposing collaboration between SuSAG executives and Ine Givar terrorists to release a weaponized virus into the general population of Narmada’s Imperial Autonomy District in 1105.  Sadly, he was murdered in the process of passing that information to Baronet Atopia Kesselring.  In honor of his sacrifice, Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll has stated he will award Baron Alton the Order of the Iridium Star posthumously.
Marc Roatta
One of the two Ine Givar terrorists believed responsible for kidnapping and subsequently murdering Saffron Marteau on Alagon (1819 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105, as well as bringing the weaponized AZOOR virus to Narmada aboard the Far Trader Merry Ruben that same year.
Rod of the Defenders
This is a red and white leather-wrapped scepter, ornately capped at either end with iridium – one end bears the seal of the Emperor’s Family House and the other bears the Imperial Sunburst emblem.  These are carried by living Defenders of the Imperium.  Baronet Atopia Kesslering was awarded this high honor by Sector Duke Wymark Gascoyne during the 1107 Narmada Subsector Moot for efforts on behalf of the Imperium during the previous two years.
Stannis Romanov
This was the alias Rand Tyler assumed while he was hiding out on Tarn (1816 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1106.


Dame Diana Sabatini
(b. 1072, Rann [3106 Harlequin/Solomani Rim]; acclaimed 138-1101)
She was initially hired by Baronet Atopia Kesslering as a security expert and bodyguard in 1106.  According to her record, she was injured during her second term of four in the Imperial Marines and had an allergic reaction to regenerative drugs.  After her recovery, she served her remaining terms as a member of the Frozen Watch aboard several Imperal Navy ships, participating in the Imperial peacekeeping effort on Nan.  It was during this time that she earned her knighthood and was acclaimed while still in service.  Late in 1106, she was assigned by Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll to be the Imperial Liaison for Rauma.
Paul Sanduski
(1082 – 1106)
He was one of the six soldiers of fortune from the Gray Twilight mercenary unit on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) Rand Tyler hired in 1105 for actions against the Imperial Peerage and government.  In 1106, he recognized Dame Diana Sabatini at an official function on Tarn (1816 Narmada/Wayhaven), forcing the lady knight to act.  After Dame Diana beat him senseless, Baronet Atopia Kesslering ordered her to extract the location of Tyler’s residence from Sanduski by any means.  He died from the injuries Dame Diana inflicted during his interrogation.
Sanglier Noir
This is a porcine omnivore grazer native to Ussan (1818 Narmada/Wayhaven) that is solitary, aggressive, very territorial and somewhat larger than human size.  Many hunters of skill seek out this beast for their trophy rooms, since it is cagey, difficult to track and is dangerous to hunt, due to its large, sharp tusks and thick, hairy hide.
Sir Onnab Sarak
(b. 1060, Karakesh [2218 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 147-1091)
The Imperial Liaison for Karakesh is one of its native sons and holds a great deal of respect from both the planetary parliament and the general populace.  Sir Onnab also owns a significant percentage of the planet’s hydroponic farms as well as a winery with an excellent reputation for its vintages.  He is an avid player of the table game Sobari.  As the ranking noble on Karakesh, he also keeps an extensive legal library, since he often represents off-worlders in legal issues.
This acronym stands for Single Cell Organic Protein which is used a locally produced foodstuff on low population worlds where livestock production isn’t feasible or impossible.  This food is usually produced in vats that require approximately 150 hours to grow a batch of viable foodstuff.  After processing, the end result has a consistency and texture that varies from tofu to process cheese.  Spices and seasonings are typically added during processing to make the end product more palatable.
Serpent-class Type-S Scout/Courier
An aged spaceplane design that is in the final leg of being phased out of service from IISS, this 100 ton starship has the same performance characteristics as the Suleiman-class, but features variable-geometry wings and is better suited to starport facilities with both atmosphere and runways.
Baroness Olivia Servantes
(b. 1054, Digry [1812 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed (Dame) 139-1093, elevated (Baroness) 146-1107)
She is a retired Imperial Army Major who was knighted for her bravery and heroism on the battlefields of Benue (1916 Narmada/Wayhaven).  She became Imperial Liaison to Moksha in 1095 after the previous three appointees were assassinated by the local mercenary units there, and firmly established an Imperial presence there.  In 1106, after mercenaries from Moksha murdered Baron Alton Richards, she was tasked by Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll to bring the planet under control and end the practice of slave labor there, making the world her fief.  She was elevated to Baroness for this action in 1107 and faces the task of building both a viable government and rebuilding a world that has suffered from decades of neglect and apathy.
Sharps – see Damon Sharpton
Damon Sharpton
This resident of Nan (2015 Narmada/Wayhaven) was an undercover agent for the IISS who was helping investigate the Hegemony’s attempts to restart its biological weapons program.  After the death of Dr. Myron Franklin, a war criminal and lead scientist of the project, he was evacuated from Nan and has been reassigned.  Damon and Baronet Atopia were childhood friends on Nan before she enlisted in the Imperial Navy.
Silver Dawn
Silver Dawn was a 32-years-old Empress Marava-class Type A2 Far Trader that had been forfeited by her former owner after he fell behind on the payments.  It was a Jump-2, 2-G acceleration starship that was armed with two twin laser turrets – one beam and the other pulse – and could hold ten middle class and four low berth passengers along with 46 displacement tons of cargo.  Baronet Atopia Kesslering purchased the starship in late 1105, but had the balance of its loan paid off in 1106 by Marquis Dr. Toyama Weston and used the ship as a down payment for a Silk Road-class Type-L Independent Merchant she named Golden Dawn.
Skagit (2013 A84A48B-A)
The red-tape nightmares spawned by Skagit’s bureaucracy are the stuff of legend among interstellar traders, despite the fact there are only twelve-thousand residents.  Visitors are advised to triple-check their identity cards before attempting to leave the extrality of the starport…
Silk Road-class Type-L Independent Merchant
This is a 400 displacement ton starship with a streamlined hull that is Jump-2, 2G acceleration, more than 100 displacement tons of cargo hold available, plus a launch small craft that serves as the ship’s lifeboat.  Baronet Atopia Kesslering’s Golden Dawn is of this class.
Sir Yael Smethwyk
(b. 1071, Kiewa [2117 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 142-1103)
He is a police detective who spent much of his career on his home world.  Sir Yael was acclaimed for his work to clear the name of a noble who was wrongfully convicted of murder.  He has since worked for Marquis Doctor Toyama Weston as head of the Whiskey Amber Oh Seven arcology’s security force.
Hawk Smith
(b. 1075, birth world unknown, entered IISS service on Narmada [1918 Narmada/Wayhaven] in 1083)
Aside from being a capable starship engineer and a decent submachine gunner, not much is known about the Chief Engineer aboard the Golden Dawn.  Hawk spent twelve years in the Scout Service primarily serving aboard X-boats before entering civilian life.  His lack of records prior to his entry into the Scout Service would suggest he comes from a low tech world, possibly from outside the Imperium.  He started as the engineer for Baronet Atopia Kesslering’s Silver Dawn Far Trader and stayed on as the chief engineer aboard the Golden Dawn.
This is a popular table game of strategy which resembles a cross between chess and Halma that can be played by two to six players.  Baronet Atopia Kesslering learned the game during her stint in the Imperial Navy.  Sir Onnab Sarak is an avid fan of the game and has a set of elegantly crafted pieces made of natural Karakeshian stone.
Sok (2114 C9B2854-8)
Sok is uninhabitable due to its exceedingly thick and corrosive atmosphere, so the population lives on crowded orbital space stations.  There is money to be made harvesting the exotic gaseous compounds in its upper atmosphere, but it is very dangerous work that claims hundreds of lives every year.
Somaak Juice
The juice from this fruit native to Tarn (1816 Narmada/Wayhaven) is pleasantly but not overly sweet and was offered as non-alcoholic refreshment to Baronet Atopia Kesslering (as Fiona Paxton) by Rand Tyler (as Stannis Romanov) during an official reception on that world in 1106.  Tyler knew that somaak juice gets bitter when it warms up, and used it to take Atopia’s glass away and lift her fingerprints from it, to expose her true identity.
Marquis Renard Solono-Deleon
(b. 1040, Oya [1811 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 145-1063; wedded Lady Celine Braganza [b. 1044] on 045-1064; five children)
The Imperial Liaison to Nan (2015 Narmada/Wayhaven) will be retiring from the post at the 1107 Subsector Moot.  He has spent ten years at the post, helping the Imperium guide the fractious countries of that world into an era of peace and reconstruction after The Great Conflict.  The family fief is the large island where Oya’s starport is located.
Sonophim Robosi
The fermentation process of this deep red wine from Kerepets (2412 Narmada/Wayhaven) produces a neurotransmitter inhibitor that causes short term memory loss.  It is banned or strictly regulated on most worlds in the subsector, but apparently is legal on both Kerepets and Narmada.
Royal Consort So-Yan (planetary)
(b. 1045, Mologa [2220 Narmada/Wayhaven]; wedded Planetary Sovereign J’Ahn [b. 1042] on 100-1063)
She is not only royalty on Mologa, she is also a renowned crafter of porcelain objects that are highly collectable throughout sector.  Baronet Atopia Kesslering was gifted a simple but elegant tea set by her in 1106, which Atopia subsequently gifted to Baroness Selene Fairfax.
Starwind-class Type-M Subsidized Liner
This is a common passenger liner used by larger corporate carriers on long haul routes, capable of Jump-3 and 1-G acceleration with enough fuel tankage for one jump.  Installed on this 600 ton ship are thirty staterooms, twenty low berths, and a cargo capacity of 129 tons.  Armament varies from ship to ship, though all ships of the class have three hardpoints.  The ship also carries a 20-ton launch – typically used to ferry passengers in and out of particularly busy starports.
Sternmetal Horizons
This interstellar megacorporation has operations throughout Imperial space, specializing in planetary and asteroid mining efforts, along with manufacturing power generation systems and synthetic food production systems.  In the Narmada Subsector, they are actively attempting to acquire mineral rights to Karakesh (2218 Narmada/Wayhaven).
Emperor Strephon the First
(b. 1049, Capital [2118 Core/Core]; proclaimed 188-1071; wedded to Lady Iolanthe Guuilbataashullibaa on 001-1072; one child – Princess Iphegenia Alkhalikoi [b. 1089])
Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi is the current head of the Third Imperium, the 44th Emperor since its founding, succeeding Emperor Paulo the Third.  His reign has been relatively peaceful, though he has met with significant resistance from the Imperial Moot for a series of reforms that have given Imperial Archdukes more authority to act in the Emperor’s name and levy additional taxes to support their efforts.  His Majesty argues these moves as necessary for the Imperium to shake off centuries of stagnation and complacency.
Suleiman-class Type-S Scout/Courier
A very common sight in the space lanes, this 100 ton starship is typically used by IISS personnel who are on detached duty.  It is Jump-2 with 2-G acceleration and enough fuel tankage to support one jump.  It contains four staterooms, has an air/raft and can hold up to three tons of incidental cargo.  Most Type S starships in the private sector are modified to accommodate a double pulse laser turret, and can be operated by a single crewperson with the right set of skills.
ADF General Uzuri Sumari
(b. 1057, Moksha [2216 Narmada/Wayhaven])
He is the recently retired commander of the Autonomy Defense Force that guards the Imperial Autonomy District on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven).  He held the post from 1099 to 1107, retiring suddenly toward the end of the 1107 Narmada Subsector Moot.  His retirement forced ADF Colonel Cassandra Mutabe to end her assignment to Baronet Atopia Kesslering’s starship, so she could be promoted and take command of the forces there.
SuSAG (Schunamann und Sohn AG, LIC)
This is a megacorporation that spans the worlds of the Imperium, specializing in advanced biotechnology, chemicals and pharaceuticals.  The megacorp has come under fire of late after it was revealed that a regional manager in Narmada Subsector had knowingly associated with Ine Givar terrorists to disperse a weaponized virus in the Imperial Autonomous District of Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105, and had subsequently hired a team of freelance mercenaries to assassinate Baron Alton Richards to prevent the dissemination of that information.


Tara (2012 E475857-8)
The government of Tara has garnered extensive criticism in recent years for its policy of socially ranking its residents by their “genetic purity.”  While off-worlders are supposed to be excluded from this, there have been rumors that particularly gifted visitors to this world have been kidnapped and had genetic samples forcefully taken from them…
Tarim Concordiat
This is a client state that lies just beyond the Imperial border in the coreward half of the Limpopo and Tarim Subsectors (Subsectors O & P of Wayhaven, respectively) as well as a portion of the Salween Subsector (Wayhaven L).  The Concordat has 33 member worlds with Tarim as the capital, though it is ruled by Duchess Penelope Alderson – a recognized member of the Imperial Peerage.
Tarn (1816 B6766A9-6)
This agricultural world is ruled by an absolute monarchy – specifically, Matriarch Elana – who is used to getting what she wants without question, much to the chagrin of the wealthy and off-worlders alike. Defying the Matriarch tends to endanger one’s life and limb, as she is wildly popular among the locals…
TAS News Service
This is an interstellar organization focused on news and information of interest to its membership.  It has a high degree of journalistic integrity and its dispatches are often cited by planetary news services.  These dispatches are always dated as to their release date in standard Imperial format and always indicate the world from which they were dispatched.  Owing to the great distances involved and speed of communication, dispatches from Regina (1910 Regina/Spinward Marches), capital of the Imperial Frontier, take approximately forty-two weeks to reach Belaya (1012 Belaya/Wayhaven), the capital of Wayhaven Sector; dispatches from Capital (2118 Core/Core), seat of power of the Third Imperium, take approximately twenty-seven weeks; and dispatches from Exeter (2729 Promise/Diaspora), the capital of the Domain of Sol (of which Wayhaven Sector is part), take approximately twelve weeks.
Teleajen (1917 C223420-8)
This world exists as a tax haven for several subsector megacorporations and many Imperial nobles as well.  While no taxes are collected, the planetary government literally sells voting rights in its affairs at the rate of one million credits each, with no limit on the number of votes a person can have…
Petrov Telosky
This former member of the mercenary unit Gray Twilight assassinated Baron Alton Richards on Narmada in 1105.  It was later discovered that he, along with five other mercenaries, had been hired by Rand Tyler to carry out black operations dictated by a regional manager of SuSAG, who was working with members of the Ine Givar.  He was gunned down by immediately after the assassination by an enforcement officer from the Delta Scarlet One Three arcology’s security force.
Tequila Sunrise
This Type-A Beowulf-class Free Trader registered out of Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) was attacked by a pirate ship, the Whydah, near Alagon (1819 Narmada/Wayhaven) on 143-1106.  Along with the assistance of the Silver Dawn it managed to disable Whydah and limp in to port for repairs.  Captain Owen Holt owns this vessel.
He is a personal aide to Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll who was one of the first to be affected by the weaponized AZOOR virus unleashed on the Imperial Autonomous District of Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) in 1105.  He has since made a full recovery and has undergone retinal regenerative treatments to restore his vision.
Marquis Olam Thorpe
(b.1060; Landor [2011 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 136-1083; wedded Baroness Ianthe Gotha [b. 1059] on 333-1083; four children)
The Imperial Liaison to Narmada is an accomplished merchant and entrepreneur, being the majority owner of Thorpe Transit Interstellar – a subsector-level merchant and passenger line.  By all accounts, he is an expert administrator, but may rely too heavily upon his subordinates in the Liaison office, as he is frequently off-world.
Thunderball Lancers
Until its destruction late in 1106, this was the most powerful mercenary outfit on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven), headed by Colonel Hassan Kimani.  The Lancers consisted of a light battalion of mechanized infantry and a company of grav cavalry.  In 1106, the cavalry attacked the residence of Dame Olivia Servantes, the Imperial Liaison there, in retaliation for her attacks on two of the slave labor camps that were mining gemstones for the unit in the Glaurung Moutains north of Fool’s Landing.  The Lancers were killed to a man and their compound destroyed by a combined army of mercenary units support Dame Olivia’s bid to take over that world in retaliation for the death of her friend Danforth at the end of 1106.
Isiah Tombrey
(b. 1069, Luda [1323 Tobol/Wayhaven])
He is a former belter who came looking for greener pastures on Barlow (2017 Narmada/Wayhaven) and wound being stuck there as a transient for nearly a year.  He was selected by Baronet Atopia Kesslering to head up her efforts to mine precious gems on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) and transported there in 1107, becoming the driving force behind Moksha Dawn Mining.
Clio Toromandi
(b. 1078, Kiewa [2117 Narmada/Wayhaven]; engaged to Baron Glen Forbes)
The youngest daughter of Don Sigan Toromandi, the head of a criminal syndicate on Kiewa (2117 Narmada/Wayhaven) was cosmetically altered to be a body double for the late Lady Nephele Irianda in the years immediately following the death of the girl in 1089.  This was done with the agreement of the original girl’s father as a way to continue his family line in the Republic of Berthold and as a favor to the Don to protect his daughter from the dangers of the criminal subculture there.  Baron Glen Forbes, the Imperial Liaison to Kiewa, agreed to marry Clio/Nephele and take her offworld when his stint at the post expired at the end of 1107 in exchange for the Don Sigan’s help in smuggling relief supplies to Ebonscale victims and their families, often against the wishes of many of the governments of Kiewa before the Imperial intervention there in 1105.
Trave (1914 B141779-7)
Although this world’s government is a plutocracy, the corporations within it are highly competitive with extremely dedicated membership in their factions.  While wars are uncommon, violence is not, taking advantage of the extremely corrupt planetary law enforcement organization.
Travel Zone
The Travellers’ Aid Society regularly updates its world database to advise its members on conditions and situations around the Imperium.  This is reflected in an over travel zone rating for each world – green, amber or red.  A green travel zones indicates no notable dangers to visitors specifically.  An amber zone indicates visitors to the world should take precautions against specific risks or situations found on that world.  A red zone indicates that conditions are such that casual travel to the world is not recommended.  A red zone may also indicate that a world is interdicted by the Imperium.  A world with no starport (Class X) automatically is given a red zone classification.
Travellers’ Aid Society (TAS)
This is a transnational and interstellar society established to provide for the greater comfort of its members while travelling from world to world within the Imperium. Travellers' Aid Society membership may be received as a reward for heroism or extraordinary service to the Society. Or it can be purchased with an application (accompanied by a fee of Cr1,000,000), which may be turned down if the Society leadership does not approve.  Membership with TAS entitles a member to significantly reduced lodging rates at TAS hostels (typically available at any world with a Class A or B starport and a population digit of four or greater), access to a vast informational database regarding worlds within the Imperium, and a dividend paid out every other cycle of a single high passage ticket which may be used, retained or sold.
Rand Tyler
He was a freelance specialist working as a black ops recruiter and handler for an unnamed SuSAG executive in 1105.  He hired away six soldiers of fortune from the Gray Twilight mercenary company on Moksha (2216 Narmada/Wayhaven) and orchestrated the assassination of Baron Alton Richards on Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) in an attempt to obtain information the noble had collected on a relationship between the SuSAG executive and a cell of Ine Givar terrorists who were coordinating their actions with Baron François Verne on Yantra (1718 Narmada/Wayhaven).  He fled to Tarn (1816 Narmada/Wayhaven) where he became part of Matriarch Elana’s royal court.  In 1106, Baronet Atopia Kesslering orchestrated his capture on Tarn and returned him to Narmada for trial by the Subsector Moot.  Tyler was found guilty of high treason against the Iridium Throne and sentenced to twenty years on Golgotha (1540 Zeya/Wayhaven).  He started serving that sentence early in 1107.


Upa (2219 C000100-A)
This asteroid station is owned by a married couple who earn their living off of leasing fees they collect from the IISS, which operates the tiny, but well-equipped starport to support X-boat operations.
This Serpent-class Scout/Courier starship is an aged spaceplane design that was retired from service in the IISS in 1103 and has been assigned for use by ex-Scout Leif Grenfeld, who is on detached duty.
Ussan (1818 C554520-5)
Ussan operates a planetary collective to manage its primary export – agriproducts and foodstuffs.  Much of the planet is untamed wilderness which attracts hunters and naturalists throughout the subsector.  The medicinal plants found here are used for homeopathic remedies as well.
Ussan Saramani
This is an excellent variety of chianti-styled red wine that is fermented on Ussan (1818 Narmada/Wayhaven).  Baronet Atopia Kesslering picked up a case on Narmada in 1106 to serve to high passage passengers, but wound up giving two bottles of it to Baron Harper Willow to help him after he witnessed Dame Diana Sabatini’s interrogation and subsequent murder of Paul Sanduski in a hotel bathroom on Tarn (1816 Narmada/Wayhaven).


Vazuza (2416 C100630-9)
The ruling class of this airless world consists exclusively of military veterans and civil service retirees.  Everyone else, including visitors to this world, are considered second-class citizens – though veterans of the Imperium’s military rank just a bit higher.  The law of tradition rules here, so all travellers are strongly advised to review local cultural customs before interacting with residents of this world.
This device measures biometric data and translates it to a set of colors that unerringly report whether or not the person being measured is telling what he or she believes to be the truth – blue for truth, red for falsehood.  Variations on the shades can indicate the amount truth or falsehood.  A purple color indicates confusion, emotional turmoil or uncertainty.  The device is a chair with the sensors built in and a globe above that the person seated in the chair can see as well as everyone else.  The veridicator is used in criminal courts and for Moot trials.  (This item was lovingly stolen whole cloth from H. Beam Piper’s novel Little Fuzzy.)
François Verne (formerly Baron François Verne)
(1047 – 1105; Yantra [1718 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 137-1069; wedded Lady Semera Poitiers (1048 – 1097) on 005-1070; one child, Gentleman Gerard Verne [b. 1090]; stripped of title in 1105)
Branded a traitor to the empire following his involvement in an Ine Givar plot to cause a pandemic on Narmada and attempting to murder several members of the Peerage, François was killed by Imperial agents on Nan while aiding an attempt to develop an even more deadly bioweapon.  While François was stripped of his title, House Verne has been allowed to continue so that his son, Gerard, may be acclaimed as its patriarch when he comes of age.
Gentleman Gerard Verne
(b. 1089, Yantra [1718 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 141-1107)
He is the only legitimate child of the late François Verne (formerly Baron François) and is the de facto head of House Verne on Yantra, though the fief is currently under the administration of Viscount Trager Duvalier.  He is a quiet and serious youth, who takes his role as caretaker of the family estate and its staff very seriously, in the wake of the shame brought to his house by his father’s association with a cell of the terrorist organization Ine Givar.  He traveled in secret to Narmada in 1107 (with the help of Baroness Decima Bauffremont, the Viscount’s wife) to help clear his own and his house’s name, doing so with considerable help from Baroness Atopia Kesslering.
Lady Olivia Verne – see Olivia Miller


Wayhaven Main
There are a large number of worlds within Wayhaven Sector than can be reached by Jump-1 starships.  The Wayhaven Main is regarded as one of the most extensive of such interstellar trade routes within the Imperium.
Wayhaven Sector
A sector on the trailing border of the Third Imperium near the remnants of the Solomani Confederation and the spinward borders of the Two Thousand Worlds and Hiver Confederation.  There are two Imperial Client States – the Duchy of Sabina and the Tarim Concordiat – along with an independent state – the Mezen Hegemony – within the sector as well.
Wekiva (2113 C611476-7)
Control of this world is divided among three arcologies with social and political outcasts from them operating and living in the starport extrality.  There have been a series of incidents of violence during the past five years over ongoing territorial issues along with the usual disputes regarding water and mineral rights.
Marquis Doctor Toyama Weston
(b. 1061, Narmada [1918 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 140-1083; wedded Baronet Yunni Kagura 255-1106)
He is a well-known sophonitarian, an active member of Doctors Without Orbits, whose fief is the Whiskey Amber Oh Seven arcology on Narmada.  Marquis Toyama has remained active in noble affairs in the subsector, and was personally responsible for ending the threat of the weaponized AZOOR outbreak on Narmada in 1105.
This Type-A2 Imperial Empress Marava-class Far Trader was used in a pirate attack on the Free Trader Tequila Sunrise near Alagon (1819 Narmada/Wayhaven) on 143-1106.  The Silver Dawn came out of hyperspace near the attack and assisted in disabling the pirate, then rendered aid to the Sunrise and apprehended the surviving crew of the Whydah.  The ship was originally registered out of Volga (2008 Volga/Wayhaven) as Lake Placid.
Baronet Fletcher Willow
(b. 1024, Kolan [1815 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 147-1077)
Baronet Fletcher was acclaimed to manage the Willow family fief after the deaths of Baron Tanner Willow and Lady Phaedra Larch under mysterious circumstances in 1076.  The retired Scout serviceman had already been using knowledge gained in that service to develop the Willow River Ranch on Kolan (1815 Narmada/Wayhaven) into a profitable operation, and was acclaimed so as to continue to steward the fief until Harper Willow came of age.  His lordship continued to manage the fief after Harper left to join the Merchant service.  In 1106, Harper finally returned home for good, allowing Baronet Fletcher to retire at last.
Baron Harper Willow
(b. 1065, Kolan [1815 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 142-1103)
His lordship has a large ranch on Kolan for his fief, but spent twenty years in the Merchant service before settling down as a landlord.  Baron Harper was orphaned at a very young age and grew up in the care of his uncle, Baronet Fletcher Willow, who developed the family lands while he was their steward.  Baron Harper spent some time aboard Baronet Atopia Kesslering’s Far Trader Silver Dawn as the ship’s medic and gunner before returning home to manage the fief in 1106.
Baron Tanner Willow
(1029 – 1076; birth world, Kolan [1815 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 141-1051; wedded to Lady Phaedra Larch [1032 – 1076] on 313-1051; one child, Harper Willow)
When his lordship inherited the fief of Baron Bailey Willow on Kolan (1815 Narmada/Wayhaven), he ran into some bad luck, and leaned on his older brother Fletcher to right the family’s financial ship.  Unfortunately, he and his wife met an untimely end in a train accident in 1076 while traveling to Kolanis, Kolan’s capital city, from the family holdings.  The cause of the accident has never been determined.
Sir Richard Worthington
(1055 – 1106, Dubna [2415 Narmada/Wayhaven]; acclaimed 138-1089)
A product of the Narmada bureaucracy, Sir Richard was acclaimed for his efficiency and originality in solving problems while working as part of Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll’s staff.  He continued to serve the Imperium in a bureaucratic role when he was appointed as the Imperial Liaison to Rauma in 1101.  He was murdered by Brice Caldwell, the head of a local criminal syndicate, on 287-1106.  An investigation lead by Baronet Atopia Kesslering revealed that Sir Richard had been making millions of credits in the black market water trade on that world, and was killed for attempting to blackmail Caldwell.
Hondo Wright
(b.1082, Moksha [2216 Narmada/Wayhaven])
He was a single-term member of the IISS before he teamed up with Yolanda Hebro to murder Zantra Dailiarc of Pacquin (2118 Narmada/Wayhaven) while she hibernated in a low berth aboard the Silver Dawn in 1105.  He was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in 1106 and is serving fifteen years in the Narmada (1918 Narmada/Wayhaven) Medium Security Corrections Facility, owing to his cooperation and his testimony against Hebro.


Xiang (2314 B300105-B)
This airless rockball world has very little to offer, even though it has excellent port facilities.  A brother and sister are the sole residents of this world, and yet seem to be everywhere they’re needed by visitors…
Yantra (1718 B202766-C)
This airless moon orbits a super-terrestrial world – Belgariad – that provides a wealth of resources for Yantra’s industries.  A number of subsector megacorporations have facilities here as a result. The world is the personal fief of Viscount Trager Duvalier, who is a staunch supporter of the Imperium and takes great pains to instill that into the planetary populace.


Yellow Sail Syndicate
This is a criminal organization known to be operating in the Narmada Subsector.  Around 1095, the syndicate pulled off a swindle on Rauma (1814 Narmada/Wayhaven) that victimized numerous members of the Narmada nobility and netted the syndicate nearly a billion credits.  At roughly the same time, Baronet Fletcher Willow borrowed money from the syndicate to support the family fief on Kolan (1815 Narmada/Wayhaven), leading to nearly two decades of criminal activity for the noble until he finally paid them back.  In 1105, the syndicate attempted to acquire weaponized nanites from Dr. Oscar Faulk on Bandalor (2317 Narmada/Wayhaven), but were thwarted by the actions of ISB Field Agent Hanson Griggs.

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