Sunday, May 13, 2018

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326-1108, Belaya, Crodo Landing Starport Extrality

Here are the latest dispatches from the Belaya TAS News Service Office:

]: BELAYA [BELAYA/WAYHAVEN] (1012-A412AED-E)  Date 326-1108
          ¶ A Moot trial is set to begin tomorrow for a man and woman alleged to have conspired to kill Sir Alvin Fernald, the Imperial Liaison to Zezere (1015 Belaya/Wayhaven), as well as acting as foreign agents of the Solomani Confederation in their efforts to destabilize the Zezere government.  Iris Long and Solomon Gray were apprehended by Zezere authorities several weeks ago, after allegedly blowing up a building housing a sonic device they allegedly used to incite riots on that world.
          ¶ According to reports obtained by the TAS News Service, another man charged in the murder of Sir Alvin was poisoned to prevent him from revealing details of their activities.  The man, who remains unidentified, is undergoing treatment on Belaya in critical but stable condition.  Two others involved in the conspiracy were killed by Imperial agents when they refused to surrender.

]: BELAYA [BELAYA/WAYHAVEN] (1012-A412AED-E)  Date 326-1108
          ¶ The late Baron Harper Willow of Kolan (1815 Narmada/Wayhaven) was posthumously awarded The Iridium Star for Valor today by His Grace, Wayhaven Sector Duke Wymark Gascoyne.  His Lordship was killed while manning a laser turret aboard the independent liner Silver Starlight when the ship did battle with and destroyed Night Rider, a Solomani Confederation commerce raider, in space above Zezere (1015 Belaya/Wayhaven) on 224-1108.
          ¶ “It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the selfless sacrifice of an honorable member of the Peerage,” said His Grace during a brief ceremony at his estate yesterday.  “His efforts on behalf of the Empire in this time of war are a shining example that will guide the rest of us onward to victory against our enemies.”
          ¶ Baron Harper’s cremains will lie in state at the Sector Assembly’s Grand Hall through the end of this year before being returned to Kolan for interment in the family mausoleum on his family’s fief.  Since His Lordship was single, the disposition of his holdings will be decided at the 1109 Narmada Subsector Moot.

]: LOGONE [BELAYA/WAYHAVEN] (1617-BAC6520-8)  Date 298-1108
          ¶ Imperial Navy Admiral Sabrina Vierling announced today that she has formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the remaining Insurgency forces in the Logone (1617 Belaya/Wayhaven) star system.  The forces, consisting of the battered and decimated remains of approximately twenty mercenary units, had been engaging in increasingly desperate guerilla tactics against Imperial forces for the past several weeks.
          ¶ According to official documents, the forces had been hired by former Countess Gretl Schunamamm to take control of the Imperial Naval and IISS Bases in the system in order to disrupt interstellar commerce and harass Imperial forces for as long as possible.  Ms. Schunamamm was stripped of her noble title several weeks ago when it was revealed that she financially backed the Insurgency forces and had directed their actions in the early stages of the conflict.  Her whereabouts remain unknown at the time of this dispatch.
          ¶ Admiral Vierling’s media officer has indicated that the first military trials of the surviving mercenary unit commanders should begin within the next two weeks.  They are expected to be charged with numerous war crimes and treason, many of which carry a mandatory sentence of death by firing squad.

]: ZEZERE [BELAYA/WAYHAVEN] (1015-B56667B-8)  Date 312-1108

          ¶ The Zezere Agricultural Cooperative has reached a preliminary agreement with the Independent Landowners’ Association to change a number of land-use regulations and revise the planetary tax code.  In return, the ILA has suspended its public protests and media campaigns that have been turning increasingly violent of the past several cycles, resulting in over a score of deaths and have injured hundreds.
          ¶ “This agreement is not an ideal solution for either side,” said Planetary Governor Alvena Beymor at the announcement of the agreement yesterday.  “However, it is the best solution available to both sides of a disagreement that could have resulted in civil war if the underlying problems had remained unaddressed.”
          ¶ “This is not the end of our efforts to have the ZAC acknowledge that the members of the ILA are the actual owners of our properties,” commented prominent ILA advocate Aubrey Fairchild during the agreement’s announcement.  “The blood that has been spilled on both sides should remind us all of the terrible price we have paid to get to this point, and that we can only honor our dead by resolving to work together to solve our problems.”

]: SEBOU [BELAYA/WAYHAVEN] (1312-D304967-8)  Date 311-1108
          ¶ Lady Aya Sebou was sentenced today to twenty years of corrective custody on this world for her role in funneling weapons to suspected Ine Givar operatives on Nullica (1315 Belaya/Wayhaven) for the past four years.  The niece of Count Abdeslam Sebou had owned Phalanx Military Industries until the charges were brought against her earlier this year, after Imperial authorities raided the Redlane Import/Export House on Nullica.
          ¶ Lady Aya pled guilty to all charges and was given leniency by the court for fully cooperating with both local and Imperial authorities.  A number of other local citizens connected with Lady Aya’s efforts remain at large and are suspected of having left this world to elude capture.

]: ATHABASCA [BELAYA/WAYHAVEN] (1215-C400534-A)  Date 309-1108
          ¶ Agents of the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service and the Imperial Science Bureau, in cooperation with local authorities, have arrested a starship crew suspected of engaging in a wildcat archaeological expedition, planetoid mining without a permit and claim jumping.  Captain Harlow Christofori and four others were taken into custody several days ago, but only arrived at the IISS base yesterday, given they were arrested in the fringes of the outer belt.
          ¶ According to official reports, the crew of the independent merchant Christofori’s Dream is suspected of violating numerous local and Imperial laws in pursuit of Artifacts of the Ancients, for which the ship nor any of its crew had proper certification to engage in such activity.  The ship and its crew came to the attention of the authorities after the disappearance of three local belters several weeks ago – all of whom were last seen in the company of one of more of the ship’s crew.
          ¶ “Mr. Christofori was on the ISB’s watch list for suspected black marketeering of Ancients’ artifacts and other archeological items,” said ISB Field Agent Margo Pasco in a media briefing regarding the arrest yesterday.  “Given the extenuating circumstances regarding his being here in the Athabasca planetoid belts, I can say with certainty that he and his crew won’t be leaving this world anytime soon.”

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