Saturday, June 9, 2018

Under The Radar (Interlude)              

]: NARMADA [NARMADA/WAYHAVEN] (1918 B260997-D)  Date: 041-1109
            ¶ The man suspected of being part of a plot to murder His Grace, Wayhaven Sector Duke Wymark Gascoyne and his wife, Her Excellency Countess Dyota Effernelli, was found dead in his detention cell early this morning in Red Sun City.  The death of Martel Teichmann of Nullica (1315 Belaya/Wayhaven) coincided with a cybernetic assault on the detention building’s computer systems in the early morning hours, of which the surveillance systems were a part.  The initial report indicates that the security systems of the building may have been compromised for as much as thirty minutes during the attack.  There was no immediate official word on the cause of Teichmann’s death as Imperial authorities are still conducting their investigation.
            ¶ Teichmann was implicated in the plot which was uncovered by Her Ladyship, Baronet Atopia Kesslering, when one of her starship’s passengers became seriously ill from a toxin carried in decorative rings the passenger stole from Teichmann on Cahabon (1313 Belaya/Wayhaven) late in Year 1107.  Her Ladyship encountered and captured Teichmann on Deua (1515 Belaya/Wayhaven) three weeks ago and brought him to Narmada for a Moot Trial that was scheduled to begin later today.
            ¶ Autonomy Defense Force General Cassandra Mutabe expressed her personal apology to His Grace, Subsector Duke Darius Ingersoll over the death of Teichmann and the inability of her Cybernetics Defense Squad to prevent the assault on the detention building’s computer systems.  A spokesman for His Grace indicated he accepted General Mutabe’s apology and expressed continued confidence in her ability to head up the ADF and fulfill its mission of security and defense for the Autonomy.

]: BELGRAN [NARMADA/WAYHAVEN] (2217 D477653-3)  Date: 024-1109
            ¶ The IISS base here reports detecting a strangely configured starship that jumped outsystem before patrol vessels could positively identify it.  This incident is the latest in a string of similar reports that began in the Limpopo (Wayhaven N) early last year.  This incident marks the first time the ship has appeared in a system with a military or IISS base capable of doing a detailed long-range scan of the vessel.
            ¶ The IISS and the Imperial Navy both downplayed the possibility of the ship being of Solomani origin, citing the highly unusual design, even though it was transmitting on restricted military frequencies.  The possibility of the ship being a hazard to interstellar navigation has made it an object of interest – with both the IISS and Navy sending priority dispatches to all bases within five parsecs to be on alert for the vessel.
            ¶ All commercial and private spacecraft should be on alert for the rogue vessel as well and report any sighting immediately to planetary and Imperial authorities.  According to scans made by the IISS here, the vessel is of a dispersed structure configuration, estimated to be from 500 to 800 displacement tons, capable of at least jump-2 and at least 2-G acceleration.  While intent and armament are unknown, the ship is not considered hostile as of this dispatch.

]: ZEYA [ZEYA/WAYHAVEN] (1335 A6589BB-D)  Date: 277-1108
            ¶ The Imperial Navy Information Service reported today that Battle Group Orange Three suffered heavy casualties in defeating an assault by Solomani forces near the innermost gas giant of this system.  The remaining Imperial vessels and System Defense Boats are expected to be engaged in rescue and recovery operations for at least the next three days.  Over thirty ships on both sides are expected to be pulled into the gas giant’s gravity well and break up in its upper atmosphere.  There was no word on the status of the deep space monitoring station that was the target of the Solomani attack.
            ¶ Independent observers of the battle characterized it as a draw, with both sides sustaining significant losses in both personnel and combat spacecraft.  The observers estimated that no more than twenty percent of the Solomani ships that participated in the attack were able to flee the combat space.  Imperial losses were estimated at forty percent of total assets destroyed with another thirty percent made combat ineffective.
            ¶ Her Grace, Zeya Subsector Duchess Yoana Umandal praised the bravery and sacrifice of both Imperial and planetary defense forces in the battle.  Her Grace also expressed confidence that the remaining forces will be sufficient to protect the planetary population from another Solomani assault.  Meanwhile, the Zeya government began calling up and arming its reserve forces today, as a precaution.

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